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Friday, January 16, 2015

More of my AJ ideas

These ideas might not be as good as my last ideas that no one actually hated somehow, but at least I have ideas... that's a good thing right? Nope! My ideas are all really bad, but that's not going to stop me from posting them! 

Idea 1: A den with multiple rooms

I know I know, we already have a den with different rooms in it. I'm talking about a den with loading points that take you to different rooms. What I mean by that is... Well, think about Jamaa Township. There are doors to other rooms like Jam Mart Clothing. That's what I'm talking about here. If that still makes no sense, I'll give a different example. You know those den portals? They can take you to different dens. What if we had portals that brought you to different dens, but those dens are really just another part of your den? That would make for an interesting hide and seek den

Idea 2: Tunnel den

Here's an idea that will sounds really crazy and pointless - a den that is just a really really long tunnel! The den I have in mind looks like the same style as that underground burrow den that already exists, but is just a thin straight line going from left to right
I shouldn't be allowed to design dens (but I'd spend all of my diamonds on that)

Idea 3: Shark hats

I've been waiting for them to make these for years

Idea 4: Making den items bigger/smaller

In most parties, there are den items that are much better (sometimes smaller) than what we can place in our dens. It's obviously possible, so why not let us change item size too? 

I forgot most of my good ideas (lol none of my ideas are good, I never had any "good" ones)

Also I'll be way less active int he next few days, but I'll still probably post at the normal time so it's not like anyone will notice


  1. these are great ideas, better than what aj has to offer.
    what about themed weeks too, every second week i guess
    its better than having to log on to aj everyday with nothing to do except trade and play mini games because your friends aren't online and some jammers don't even trade

  2. Those are some cool ideas! I've always wanted Animal Jam to make more of those animal hats in the Conservation Museum. Yeah, they'll probably be ugly but what if they made one for each of the animals in AJ?

  3. that's cool you should copy\paste that change the thems to yous and send it to aj

  4. Aww I'll miss you Meloetta :'(

  5. I want a cave den or a den that's like the inside of a tree. I guess Cosmo's den is like that but I want it to be like a hollowed out tree.

  6. It's Blingy D00dsJanuary 16, 2015 at 11:14 PM

    They're nice ideas Mel.
    I have a few:
    A movie theatre den. So what I mean is you can watch videos (that AJHQ will allow).
    Now that is what you call a bad idea.

  7. I can imagine people putting pillows or something in front of the screen to block it

  8. AJHQ made shark hats for April Fools' Day. Happy now? :3



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