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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Scammer Jammer Story

I was going to start this post off with something that people would make into some big drama thing but I decided not to because that is not always fun

I'll get a lot of hate from this post anyway, but I still want to tell my story

This is my story of something that happened a few days ago. Sometimes I hang around Aldan to try to prevent people from getting scammed by all of those people who just go to Mt. Shiveer, buy a blue yeti face, put it on trade and call it glitched. Yeah, sadly those people do exist... But that's not what this post is about

Other times I pretend like I don't know what I'm doing (not that I need to pretend to do that) to catch the nasty scamemr jammers who try to take advantage of clueless people like me

So I was at The Lost Temple of Zios being my main wolf that's basically a green knockoff version of sizzlerat's wolf observing the people from under the pile of people that's always there, and some guy noticed that I had an item that's apparently "beta" even though beta is not a descriptive word
I kept walking out of the room saying nonsense like "i need to go find it" and "it is not here" which he didn't know what I was talking about (honestly I didn't either) and he kept on following me everywhere I went begging me to put my helmet on trade. I went to Crystal Sands to play the duck game and I made sure to tell him that I was playing that. He kept asking "why play the duck game?" for some reason (I think I actually got him to play it too lol)
Then I went to Mt. Shiveer which is where things got interesting
He started telling me that it's worth nothing, even though he knew that it's one of the rarest items in the game apparently 
He obviously knew it was because of the amount of "plz put it on trade" messages I got from him, plus he followed me EVERYWHERE

The thing I don't get about these kind of scammers is their logic. If they want you to thing the item is SO WORTHLESS, why are you begging for it so much and trading "super rare" items for it? (by super rare I mean spiekd collars)

I asked them about it...

I don't remember what they were "over trading" me but I'm pretty sure there was a spiked collar involved

Then they admitted they sort of admitted they lied and said it is worth a glitched yeti face

And he conveniently had one of those to trade! And by Aldan traders' logic, spiked collars are much much rarer than glitched yeti faces, so why is he bringing his offer down?

I know some people won't view that as a type of scam, but in my mind it is. He was trying to take advantage of me because I was (pretending) to be clueless and was trying to rip me off

After that, he left. But 30 seconds later I got a jam a gram from him inviting me to his den. He he be trying to apologize for trying to trick me!? Nope, instead when I got there he just continued to beg me for the helmet


  1. After this happened I looked up his username and the first things that came up were videos calling him a scammer

  2. jackyboy9917835219January 28, 2015 at 4:09 AM

    hey maloeta sneppy2008 is not the scamer the rel scamer is U!


    1. so bcuz som1 trie to scam meh it menas im da scamer!?!?!?!??!

    2. he just wants his headdresse bac


    4. ih leets mak dis comet secshun wif lotsa speliy errahs

  3. I ame madd at myself... I traded my beta basketball for pink swirls, pink wavy wallpaper, a flower boquet and heart chocolates, and then all those beta items did the return... whine whine whine
    at least I still have my second basketball ;')

    1. but basketballs are not beta items

    2. well neither are the flower bouquet or choco but I guess that's not the point I'm sorry you lost your basketball : (

    3. OK thx.
      Here is a message
      from my hamster
      Make my owners give my their chicken strips NOW
      And yes, he was walking around the table trying to eat my dinner O.O

    4. You speak hamster? I only know a few words in hamster

    5. not rlly but it won't take an expert to know what he was thinking

  4. jackyboy dezerevvexs teh headresseseessee11!1!!1! plesese giv it bak to him1!1111111 sca e,rereekhdbezvbgfcvbhfc hygvbjb nb gffffffffffffffffffff111

  5. u gu away u jackyboy wut r u doing here anyway gosh ( anyway post more things pls mel ) hue hue k im a nb

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