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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Which game has the best gem earing rate?

Warning: This post is probably very confusing and inaccurate 
ALSO these "statistics" are based on my own results so take what you want from that 

I've been thinking about that for a while (more like 5 minutes lol)

The most popular gem earning games seems to be Falling Phantoms and Best Dressed, and the game I get most of them gems from is Fruit Slinger (more specifically, level 4-4 of Fruit Slinger)

I did some tests on each of those 3 game, recording both the time it took me to finish one round and the amount of gem I got from that round

The first game I tested was Fruit Slinger (Level 4-4) and I did 5 rounds

Then I tested Falling Phantoms and did 5 rounds (I did not record the rounds where I failed miserably and didn't win)

Best Dressed works differently in that the time a round takes and the gem amount you get depends mostly on the other players, and there is a set amount of gems you can win each round. I did time sounds rounds though, and a single round of Best Dressed takes around 2 minutes and 15 seconds (the "please wait for the next round" thing at the beginning took 18 seconds)

A few things to keep in mind:
~Sometimes Fruit Slinger rounds don't end right away because the game waits for all of the things on screen to stop moving so a round could take much longer to finish
~Fruit Slinger level 4-4 might require some time to get used to
~For Falling Phantoms, there is typically a waiting time of at around 10 seconds for other players to join
~Also for Falling Phantoms, "losing" rounds happen a lot if you aren't good at the game or if the RNG is unfair 
~In Best Dressed, round time and gem earnings are mainly dependent on the other players so it might not be as reliable
~I may or may not actually know how to do the maths or know what I'm actually talking about lol

About 3 rounds of Fruit Slinger 4-4 can be finished in the same time one (winning/good) round of Falling Phantoms can. That being said, about 180 gems in Fruit Slinger can be earned in the same time you can get 210 in Falling Phantoms. That is however just based on my results. It should also be mentioned that Fruit Slinger typically always gives about 60 gems while Falling Phantoms doesn't always give 210 gems (if you lose, for example)

Based on my results, I can get approx 240 gems in Fruit Slinger in 116 seconds while it takes me 135 seconds to get at most 200 gems from Best Dressed

So based on my (most likely very inaccurate) results, the best game out of these three games is Falling Phantoms, but that's ONLY IF you win every time and get most of the bonus gems
(plus everyone will have different results, so...)

That doesn't mean I'm going to stop playing Fruit Slinger and play Falling Phantoms though. It really just comes down to personal preference. If I said that in the beginning of the post then I could have saved all of us so much time because I wouldn't have made this post but oh well


  1. ahhh noo is that a reSULT TABLE?!!
    If you really like Jamaa Derby you can earn (3rd place, 1st place )75-150 gems every minute (+) depending on the place you're in
    That didn't make sense but I think you get me
    How many gems are you now :(

    1. I gave up on getting gems for now because I only have one day to do 200k gems and that's just not going to happen

    2. she need the gems to do a den thing

  2. It's Blingy D00dsJanuary 13, 2015 at 9:30 AM

    I don't understand. MATHS URRRGGGHHHHH

  3. well, pill bugs and pest controle gives lots of gems

  4. I play super sort, it is easy and you can get over 1000 gems if you are good at it and in hard mode (lol this sounds like MC now)

  5. Double up gets me ton of gems quickly. But that's just me so...

  6. The multiple gems plus x2 gems I'd say Best Dressed would get you the most gems right now. I played it for about 20 minutes and got over 3,000 gems.

    1. I didn't count Best Dressed as x2 because it's not always going to give double gems, but you'd be correct

  7. May, I have an idea
    I could play those mini games with you and exit so you'd get the 20 gems! If we do that a lot of times MAYBE you could get some of the items after all

  8. actually if u play overflow hard mode for a while you can get A LOT of gems (thats just my opinion though)

  9. Hey, May. The best games for gem earning are Spot On! and Phantom's Treasure. Both require you to memorize where things are located or what they look like, but after memorization (which takes about 5 mins in Phantom's Treasure), you can earn 49 gems every 15 seconds.


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