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Saturday, February 28, 2015

insert post title here

Yes I know all I've been posting is pictures of things people say in the town, you don't have to point it out. That means you, jackygirl

The real reasons I am making this post are 
1: People complain if I don't do daily posts lol
and 2: I want to do some shameless self advertising

I'll start with the slightly interesting stuff first

This fox had an eyepatch on and said this

I should have waited an extra .3 seconds to take a picture so that you can actually tell they have an eyepatch on, but I didn't
I'm giving this guy bonus points for talking like a pirate because I have a secret love for pirates ok

This bunny was using a pretty obvious technique to rip people off
"Trade me something valuable and hard to come by for an item that you could have bought yesterday" is basically what they are saying... it doesn't count as scamming though, they were just asking. It's like they wanted to know you'd get ripped off if you traded with them lol
I still probably ended up giving them something "good" but I don't remember

Here is a perfect example of what we call a "gold digger"

They want to "be with" the girl that sends them something, probably because they think that girl will keep sending them stuff. Plus he's trying to date on AJ lol

 Okay, I'm done with trying to fill up this post to make it ore than just 2 links, instead I'm going to give you the two links

I said I was going to split up the Unreleased & Deleted Items page into a few different pages in some other post. I decided to go through with it and finished about 40% of the first of those pages
Here is link:

It's not done yet (which is pretty obvious if you go to the page) but I'll try to update it when I can/when I'm willing to
I added the page to the sidebar so if you want to be fancy, click the elf helmet on the side instead of the above link (it really doesn't matter)


The other link is for a my new blog that I made for the game Minecraft. If you don't care about Minecraft, you might want to stop reading
It's not for minecraft news, I'm just going to post my pictures of my worlds

Friday, February 27, 2015

Hyena Blanket Glitch + Other Stuff

This was going to be in my last post but since I got kicked from the game before I got pictures I kinda forgot
It's not anything interesting but the Happy-Go-Lucky music is back in the Lucky Party's music shop

I like those unreleased wall items (the rainbow picture and stained glass thing) but knowing AJ, they won't be released any time soon

Now for another batch of random AJ images

This horse was asking for "geek glasses" which don't exist
They were really looking for nerd glasses, but geeks and nerds are not the same thing
I doubt anyone cares that there's a difference so we'll let it slide, horse

Here's a hyena glitch that I mentioned in the comments of some other post

I don't know if this still works because I don't have a hyena or a blanket, but if you sleep with a Blanket on a hyena, it will levitate over your hyena

And finally, an old Mira Jam a Gram with an odd preset message that it let you say for Halloween

...no comment

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mini AJ Update February 26 2015

It's almost March already? I need to start paying more attention to dates

AJHQ released another update today which is just another update where they add one page to the Jamaa Journal and a party. It doesn't really count as an update but it's in between the actual updates we get so I'll let it slide

Here is the new page

All the other pages are the same
The page does show Clover Glasses which as far as I know don't exist yet, so we might be getting those soon

The Lucky Part has been readded to the parites list and the Friendship Party has been taken away

It's still pretty much the same because AJ rarely ever update parties lol

The shop is the same too

Why couldn't they have sold heart balloons for Valentine's Day? I really wanted those...

Here's a picture of my bunny in its cupid outfit that I need to change soon in a clover field that no one asked for

 ...and then I got kicked from the game and get this message when I try to play again

 Then it went away after 10 minutes before I started to panic

Special Delivery is gone too, but AJ didn't bother updating the Jamaa Journal... Oops!

At least now we have a new limited time adventure to look forward to. I admit I actually like AJ's adventures, they can be pretty fun. They are the most fun the first time, then they get boring, but still

I might make a blog for a different game that I play, but it won't be a news site. I will just post pretty pictures that I took. Interested? No? Well I'm only making it so I can delete the screenshots from my computer because they take up so much space

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I don't know

This was originally going to be an AJ fun fact post but I couldn't think of anything else that wasn't painfully obvious or things that I've mentioned before. I went through all of my little "facts" and got rid of the ones that were obvious/I already said and ended up with just this:

 Each code has two different codes you can enter for them to work
Example: The code "twelve" will give you 1 diamond, but the code "d5010be0c0cf5c4942a3be262345108f" will also give you a diamond. If you use both codes, you will only get one diamond because the game considers them the same code

And yes, you can actually use the code d5010be0c0cf5c4942a3be262345108f instead of twelve and it will work

This post was originally going to also be a "I'm out of ideas so I'm going to complain" post but I took that part out

Instead I'll give you some more random AJ images
My friend ilLiterate noticed the Spider Zapper achievement Crack Shot! has an underscore _ instead of a space

It's one of the first achievements so maybe back then they couldn't put spaces in achievement names? They can now, so I wonder why they haven't fixed that by now wait I know, it's because they are "working hard" like they did for the last update

That reminds me of some achievements that are "rare" and I'll make a post on those eventually if I didn't already

Here's another scammer I saw at the town
I really shouldn't even post about these scammers because there are always at least 5 in the town on every server but I will anyway

They said they had "beta crowns" on trade. Their goal was obviously to trick people into thinking they had a milky/pearly tiara and the rare green tiara. They are technically right about the white one being from beta since it actually was, but...

Monday, February 23, 2015

Tutorials - How to transfer gems

Notice: I'm horrible at making tutorials

 What AJ needs is a real way to transfer gems from one account to another. Seriously, why isn't that a feature yet?

I'm going to make this tutorial way longer than it needs to be. I could probably manage to make this tutorial 2 sentences long, but who wants quick and easy to read posts that aren't a mess? 

There is one method for transferring gems from one account to another, but it's pretty tedious. It's also inefficient because it only works on Mondays unless you don't mind losing a 2 thirds of the gems you want to transfer. Let's say I have a lot of gems on an alt account that I want to transfer to my main account

The way to transfer these gems is rather simple - spend all of the gems you want to transfer on items and then trade them over to your other account, and sell them. Unfortunately by doing so, you will lose 66.66% of the gems you want to transfer. This is because selling an item will only give you 33.33% of the buy price. But don't worry! There's a way around that too! Rare Monday items can be sold for their buy price (well, almost)
Today's rare is a hat and curly wig which is sold for 750 gems

And it can be sold for 725

My point is, if you spend all of your gems on a Rare Monday item and trade them all over to your other account, you'll only use about 3% as opposed to 66%
There's another catch though... Most of the time the rares are member items, meaning you can't use this method for nonmember accounts (unless the rare is a nonmember item which is rare)

If you don't mind losing most of your transfer gems, the next best thing to do is to spend all of your gems on the most expensive item available and trade those
I had to do that this time, so I spent all of my gems on silver bars

They only sell for 1,500 gems though :(

After you buy them, just trade them over to your other account and sell them

Site Updates + Handcuffs

I'll start with the part people might actually care about - Magi AJ told me that the lion with handcuffs that I posted about not too long ago in the new AJ tutorial (>>original post<<) had his handcuffs removed and is now rocking Musketeer Boots

This is both good news and bad news, The good news is the lion is no longer a prisoner! The cops took off his handcuffs and now he's free! The bad news is now we don't get to see that cool unreleased item int he tutorial anymore... But at least we still have my picture of it that will probably get stolen if people still do that kind of thing

Here's a little before and after thing


I don't know why they went through the trouble to change that. Maybe they didn't realise it was unreleased when they gave them to the lion? what if they read my post about it lol

If that "news" wasn't boring enough, here comes the real boring part! Yay!

I plan to add more pages to the sidebars to give this site a few more things to explore By things to explore, I mean text that most people will skip over lol

I'm going to split up the Unreleased & Deleted Items page into a few different pages so it's less confusing. It'll also be easier for me to update if I do it this way. That page constantly goes out of date and... yeah

There will be a page that's dedicated to the unreleased items, one dedicated to colors of items that were removed but you can still get by trading (like glitched antlers and beta hoods) and a page for deleted items that you can't get anymore, such as Horse Coins and green Top Hats
The pages will also be more informative than they are now. That is if I actually finish those pages... And we all know how my little projects go...
I could also use ideas for new pages, so if you have any and your name isn't jackyboy, I'd love to hear them

Sunday, February 22, 2015

New palette soon?

I noticed that in the new tutorial and in Special Delivery, some animals have colors that are not available on the palette
The "palette" I am talking about is the thing in the inventory screen where you can change your colour
Instead of getting to the point I'll give you a small history lesson on AJ's animal palette

In what I believe was closed beta, which is when AJHQ tested the game before they let players joined, there was this one

They removed most of the old colors and replaced them with the next palette
It's blurry because it was taken from a beta screenshot from AJHQ, and that screenshot was really small

After that there was this one

And then this one

And now we have this one

Colors that aren't on the palette are nothing new (newly created seals have a special green for eyes and a special cream fur for example) but recently AJHQ has been making NCP characters have colours that aren't on the palette and have never been seen before

This hyena in the tutorial has an unreleased puke green and possibly an unreleased brown

I did a hex color test on the green and wasn't able to match it with any of the current palette colours
I just noticed while writing this that a similar puke green was in the closed beta palette, hmm...

Calvin in Special Delivery has an released red as Color 1

It's slightly different than the reds in the palette, or at least according to my tests

Rachel has a cool silvery Color 1

Juliet has a hot peachy Color 1

Hector has that same hot peachy as Color 2

That peachy color also looks like one on the original... right? No? I wish the original palette was more clear so I can do a real colour test but oh well

All of this probably means absolutely nothing, but it's suspicious how AJ has been using unused colors recently... I doubt we actually will get an updated palette anytime soon, but I can only hope
any update is better than that last update tho
yes i will post on my story blog eventually

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valley Tinsel Day glitches

Before anyone asks, Valley Tinsel Day is the substitute for Valentine's Day in Jam a Gram talk and I'm using it to make myself laugh because I find dumb things like that funny

My friend Chia04 showed me some cool glitches using some of this year's new Valentine's themed items

To do the first one, you will need a fox and one of those heart bracelets that recently left Jam Mart Clothing
Wear it on your fox and use the :play: action

When the fox does underground, the bracelet will fly! If there's anything I learned while making this gif, it's that I need to work on looping my gifs better

The second glitch requires a Cupid Bow and a wolf
Dance with the bow on with your wolf and it will float next to you

Glitches like these used to be common in 2011 and 2012 so in a weird way it's nostalgic to see this kind of thing can still happen

In actual news, AJHQ added 4 new animal slots for members

Don't be fooled by the picture, they only added 4 new slots. I just wanted to show off the scroll bar and how it's smaller now

Thanks Tigerlypaws for telling me about that
So it looks like the horrible update we got on Thursday wasn't as bad as I thought. Admit it though, that update wasn't so good...

Well, expect there to be no more news until the next update lol

Friday, February 20, 2015

AJ Story Time - Beta Tails + Fuzzy Shyivy's glitched den

I was asked to post more stories so here you go. This is a shorter story post than usual but it's not like my stories are ever interesting anyway

The first story happened about an hour ago. And and my friend illiterate Literate were in someone's den (which is a story in itself) talking to a snow leopard. He was asking me for my "beta tail" which was the pink Elf Tail Armor with red gems that I had on. I know people commonly call items that aren't in stores "beta" but this guy was different. We tried to tell him what the meaning of beta was and he claimed he already knew. Unlike most of the people who call every item beta, he actually did know what beta meant... He just didn't know what items were in beta or anything about what happened in beta. We told him Elf Tail Armor was a monthly member gift in 2012... and he said "yea that was beta"
Then we told him there was no membership in beta and that beta was in 2010. He kept saying there was membership in beta and that he played in beta. Then he said "i know more then both of you combined" then left. He even used the wrong than which didn't help his case lol
I know a lot of people don't know what beta is anymore, but at least know what you're talking about if you're going to say you know more than both of us combined lol
I don't even know why I posted this story because people will just yell at me for talking about how people don't know what beta is again but oh well
also I'm not trying to sound like I know everything about AJ I'm just trying to get people to know what beta means

The next story happened when Fuzzy Shyivy came back in I think 2012
Unfortunately not many people remember Fuzzy Shyivy either :( She as an AJ blogger and inspired most of the other early AJ bloggers that inspired today's AJ bloggers. Basically she was the start of AJ blogging (I don't think she was the first AJ blogger but she was the most popular back in the day)
This story isn't about Fuzzy's story but I'm trying to give you the background details so you know who I'm talking about
She quit in 2011 and came back in 2012 with a new username. Shortly after she came back, her den was glitched! It was the basic nonmember den but underwater. I have some pictures I took of the den

... at least I think this was Fuzzy's den. I'm probably horribly wrong. It doesn't really matter whose den it was, the point is it's an ocean land den!

It fixed itself after a while but it was cool while it lasted

I still need to get to my trading stories but I wanted to finish sekrit project before I did

Thursday, February 19, 2015

AJ Update - February 19 2015: The update that takes more than it gives

Just a warning, this is by far one of the least updatey updates we've ever gotten in AJ
Nothing was added other than new Jam a Grams and a new pet
Here's the Jamaa Journal...

Page 1

This is the only page in the Jamaa Journal that talks about anything new. Don't be fooled by the adventures logo, there is no new adventure

Pet My Little Ponies are now in the Diamond Shop

The rest of the pages are the usual filler pages

Page 2

LOL so not only did they barely add anything new, but they are TAKING AWAY something! I love this update!

Page 3

The adventure logo on page was 1 was very misleading. It's just an ad for an adventure that's been there for a long time now
Plus more stuff is being taken away

Page 4

Don't forget to check out the den items that have already been there for 2 weeks! They are totally new, and deserve their own page, guys!
We'll be getting items from the other two sets "soon" and knowing AJ, soon means at least 2 weeks
Who know, they might surprise us and start releasing the other sets tomorrow! Nah, AJHQ wouldn't do that

The only other new item is in Epic Wonders and it isn't even new

The only thing this update adds that aren't items that would have come out daily anyway, there are 3 new Jam a Grams

 My rating for this update is pretty obvious, it gets a...
-2 / 10

That's both item-wise and content wise

lol I'm so harsh

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hidden messages

Smart Bomb Interactive changed their name to WildWorks which means we can actually say the company's name in the game now
Just like those hidden SBIs that weren't really hidden, they used to put other secret messages in places
None of these are "secret" and I don't think they are meant to be hidden, but here you go
Oh yeah, chances are you already know about these

There's this sign board that appears in Jam Mart Furniture and right outside of it
Underneath where it says SALE in red letters, there are some very small words
It's hard to read, but it says exactly what my wolf that I'm really getting sick of is saying
My good friend Illiterate showed me that

Something I found today while looking for messages like that is on Gold, Silver, and Bronze bricks
I find it easiest to see it on bronze bricks

At the top it says
"110201" and at the bottom it says "99.9%"
I don't know what 110201 is, but I think the 99.9% means that the bricks are made of 99.9% of eithe gold, silver or bronze, but what could that number mean? 

I know the first two weren't meant to be hidden and are really just small details that can easily go unnoticed, but the last one is just something that was probably noticed by everyone but me

In the Feast of Thanks Jam a Gram, there are AJ logos in the backgorund

I didn't until someone pointed it out to me
As you can see I'm running out of ideas :)