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Thursday, February 5, 2015

AJ Update February 5th 2015 - Owls and Pizza

I honestly though AJHQ was going to delay this update until next week because of their lame reasoning of having an update last week, but they actually updated

It's also my 4th anniversary but I don't think anyone else really cares about that

Here's the Jamaa Journal

Page 1

There goes our hope of a flying animal that doesn't cost diamonds :(
At least we got owls though. I'll talk about those later in this post
We can also see that Pizza Parlor was the winner of the voting

Page 2

I wanted art to win (mainly because fo that really cute paint rainbow they had) but I guess this theme is cool too. Not all of the items are out yet, so we get to see some unreleased items from the set in this picture (the crocodile statue, the dart board thing, the cash register, and the pizza toppings station)

 Page 3

There's a new mini book in the Chamber of Knowledge and a new game in the museum. Oh wait, it's not a game... They sure made it sound and look like a game though lol

Page 4

 AJ wants to help everyone stay safe on the internet, probably because their security system is so horrible :)

Page 5

Here's some shameless self-advertising by AJHQ
I admit I actually liked the first episode of Wild Explorers though
In the video they show someone playing as the user kevarand17 which means that's an AJHQ account!
Here are all the new items (unfortunately no accidentally released rare this time)

In Jam Mart Clothing...

Heart Scarf is back and there's a new item for the pizza parlor theme, Chef's Hat

On the second page there's Heart Balloons too

As usual I made gifs of them

 In Jam Mart Furniture...

 Gifs of those items will be on the Item Archive page later today

There's a new claw in the Diamond Shop

And of course owls are there too

 Hopefully you didn't spend all of your diamonds in last update if you wanted one of these precious birds

Here's the artwork of them when you try to make one

A really cool thing about owls (at least I find it really cool) is that by default their pattern is secret raspberry!

 I really like the owls and I think they were a great addition to AJ! They still don't fit AJ's old art style but at least they are cute

I'll give this update a... 0.9 feature-wise and an 8.7 item wise (I'm counting owls as items

If people want gifs of all of the owls' movements, I'll make those


  1. I also found out that roos have the secret raspberry color for their default pattern.
    -Mod Gulo

  2. Can you play The Forgotten Desert as them?

  3. I am not a fan of this update, they only released 2 nonmember items (with one being in the diamond shop) The main thing nonmember really get are just a few pizza boxes.And owls are member and in the diamond shop.
    I am really disappointed with the update, I just hope they will make the next animal nonmember or at least gem

    1. I don't think we will ever get a new nonmember animal or gem animal. If we ever do, it won't be for a long time

  4. I kinda hate the update. Where's the Friendship Festival decorations around Jamaa and Valentines Tables? We also don't have enough animal slots anymore. I will have to rescue one of my animals to get the owl! :(

  5. AJHQ's old art style was a sort of yellow shadow. The owls are cute, still.


  7. lol the one time I actually like an update, everyone else hates it

  8. Spiked Collars on owls look stretched o0o
    | * * |
    | \_/ |
    \ ----/ /
    000 000
    Do me a favour and ignore my rubbish picture skills thx

  9. I noticed the secret color! I found that interesting.

    1. I actually did a color test to see if it actually was secret raspberry (some of my old animals still gave secret raspberry so that's how I tested it)

  10. Random question but what program do you use to make gifs?

    1. LICEcap

      I don't know what types of computers it works on though

  11. WOW! Kevarand17 is in-fact my buddy. xD http://prntscr.com/61m4zq I added her/him ages ago. (:

  12. Why didn't AJHQ release the valentines decorations? This time last year they released the Sunken Den for all and valentines tables around Jamaa. Oh no! Here comes their little update where they only update the front cover of the Jamaa Journal. :/

    1. lol we're lucky if we even get one of those front cover updates

    2. Hehe. Don't get me wrong, I love AJ, but the past few updates have been a little boring. :( The owls are super cute, I miss their old art style, but anyway, they are still cute! :)

      I mean, they could have included about the valentines printables at the end of the Jamaa Journal, but instead posted about their video, and an adventure which was released a week ago.

    3. Let's hope their updates improve (: The updates have become smaller... maybe because they're releasing the Play Wild app?

    4. The blog posts are another thing! What has happened? I dislike the '!!!' and '???' and their posts are kinda silly, hehe.

    5. You used to type like that too, Akachip.

  13. More den slots would have been nice in today's update. I do not want to remove one of my FAVOURITE animals to replace the owl.

  14. I really love the NEW UPDATE!!! Isn't it AMAZING??? The OWLS are SO cute!!! Tell all the buddies!!!


    1. I have a feeling that almost none of the old AJHQ workers still work at AJHQ
      Pat obviously does (Cami's dad) but their old writers certainly don't

  15. That's correct. Joi, AJHQ's community leader left, I think she wrote the blog maybe? They have also stopped posting on their Twitter and Facebook and just post membership stuff. :/


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