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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Glitched item colours

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Before everyone gets the wrong idea about these items, let me clear something up. All of these item colours are glitched but in a different way than the glitched Yeti Face/Earrings/Antlers/Rings/Furry Hats. All of those items "stay" glitched while these were just visual glitches. As far as I know AJ fixed all of these. In other words, all of these were just textures glitches and none of these items stayed like this
These are not edits
I was digging through my images and found these

Ugly mess Reindeer Mask

In 2011, wearing a Reindeer Mask as a bunny while sitting would change its texture to... that
It would change depending on what color of Reindeer Mask you had on (and yes I did already use the two spellings of color/colour in this post)
I only have a picture of the default one sadly

Clover Balloons with Heart Balloon's colors

Wearing a Heart Balloon on a koala and walking used to make the balloon transform into a Clover Balloon until you stopped walking. The clover balloon would use the heart balloon's colors

In those pictures I have a dark pink clover balloon
I didn't know about this glitch when I joined AJ, but I'm wondering if this glitch worked back in February 2011 before Clover Balloons even existed. It would have been like a sneak peek of a new item!

Shadow Antlers

If any of these glitches still work, it would be this one because it's the most recent. I don't know if it's patched yet, but wearing Branch Antlers on a polar bear would make them all shadowy on your animal picture in your inventory

White Bunny Hat

Wearing a bunny hat on a tiger while sitting would change its patch colour to white and its whiskers to to the colour of the original patches (I'm not sure what happened if you wore one of those all-pink bunny hats)

Royal Heart Capes

This picture is from one of my earliest posts. I don't remember if it was me or Kitty Katsu that discovered this (or if it was someone else entirely) but wearing a Royal Cape on an elephant would change it to look like a Heart Cape

More Royal Capes

Royal Capes were one of AJ's first items and they've always been glitchy since they were first released in beta. They aren't nearly as glitchy anymore though (they might not be glitchy at all anymore I don't know lol)
Wearing a Royal Cape on a panda would mix around its colors! It wasn't like this is beta (at least from what I can tell from SagwaSunshine's video)

There are a lot more of these that I can't find my pictures of but I'll probably post more eventually


  1. The Reindeer Mask thing still works on crocs.

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    2. By spam do you mean jackboy :P
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    3. I don't think there's anything I can do to get rid of jackyboy

  3. I remember finding that easter egg! That was my first ever! :D We make great team work, c:

  4. I noticed in the picture of the sitting tiger with the bunny hat, its mouth is gaped open wide. Was that something tigers did a while ago?


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