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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hidden messages

Smart Bomb Interactive changed their name to WildWorks which means we can actually say the company's name in the game now
Just like those hidden SBIs that weren't really hidden, they used to put other secret messages in places
None of these are "secret" and I don't think they are meant to be hidden, but here you go
Oh yeah, chances are you already know about these

There's this sign board that appears in Jam Mart Furniture and right outside of it
Underneath where it says SALE in red letters, there are some very small words
It's hard to read, but it says exactly what my wolf that I'm really getting sick of is saying
My good friend Illiterate showed me that

Something I found today while looking for messages like that is on Gold, Silver, and Bronze bricks
I find it easiest to see it on bronze bricks

At the top it says
"110201" and at the bottom it says "99.9%"
I don't know what 110201 is, but I think the 99.9% means that the bricks are made of 99.9% of eithe gold, silver or bronze, but what could that number mean? 

I know the first two weren't meant to be hidden and are really just small details that can easily go unnoticed, but the last one is just something that was probably noticed by everyone but me

In the Feast of Thanks Jam a Gram, there are AJ logos in the backgorund

I didn't until someone pointed it out to me
As you can see I'm running out of ideas :)


  1. Is it weird when I saw those AJ logos in that Jam a Gram I freaked lol

    Just like seeing those pictures where it goes "When you see it" and there's like a weird looking creature behind someone ...yeah

  2. My guess is that 110201 is the serial number for that batch of bronze bricks...

  3. I have an exact copy of WitchHatBunny's Hat, do you have an offer?

  4. I have a feeling tomorrow's Jamaa update will be linked Jamaa's oceans. Here 's what I'm expecting:

    New ocean den,
    Maybe a new ocean adventure,
    Member ocean animal becoming for all,
    Hint on a returning animal,
    New game,

    I'm probably wrong and it would be a disappointment if the update is boring and is all old news! For some reason, I think the update will be linked to Jamaa's oceans because the amount of ocean items they've been releasing! ^.^

    Can't wait to see your update post tomorrow, Mel! Hehe...

  5. Happy Chinese New Year Mel and everyone else!!!!! :D

  6. Hey Meloetta want to have some dirty talk? I'm really good at it ;)

    1. Omg Meloetta that's so funny XDD (I'm not that guy who said that)

  7. Replies
    1. I just made a new post on it
      Don't get too excited : (


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