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Saturday, February 28, 2015

insert post title here

Yes I know all I've been posting is pictures of things people say in the town, you don't have to point it out. That means you, jackygirl

The real reasons I am making this post are 
1: People complain if I don't do daily posts lol
and 2: I want to do some shameless self advertising

I'll start with the slightly interesting stuff first

This fox had an eyepatch on and said this

I should have waited an extra .3 seconds to take a picture so that you can actually tell they have an eyepatch on, but I didn't
I'm giving this guy bonus points for talking like a pirate because I have a secret love for pirates ok

This bunny was using a pretty obvious technique to rip people off
"Trade me something valuable and hard to come by for an item that you could have bought yesterday" is basically what they are saying... it doesn't count as scamming though, they were just asking. It's like they wanted to know you'd get ripped off if you traded with them lol
I still probably ended up giving them something "good" but I don't remember

Here is a perfect example of what we call a "gold digger"

They want to "be with" the girl that sends them something, probably because they think that girl will keep sending them stuff. Plus he's trying to date on AJ lol

 Okay, I'm done with trying to fill up this post to make it ore than just 2 links, instead I'm going to give you the two links

I said I was going to split up the Unreleased & Deleted Items page into a few different pages in some other post. I decided to go through with it and finished about 40% of the first of those pages
Here is link:

It's not done yet (which is pretty obvious if you go to the page) but I'll try to update it when I can/when I'm willing to
I added the page to the sidebar so if you want to be fancy, click the elf helmet on the side instead of the above link (it really doesn't matter)


The other link is for a my new blog that I made for the game Minecraft. If you don't care about Minecraft, you might want to stop reading
It's not for minecraft news, I'm just going to post my pictures of my worlds


  1. I know no one was going to ask but the reasons I have for splitting up the unreleased items page are:
    ~To make it less confusing for people (the people who don't actually read the words on the page might think it's possible to still get items like the glitched bubbletrons or animal coins)
    ~The comments are broken for me on that page (I can't reply to new comments)

  2. hey mel can u come on i wanna gift u something i am quitting

    1. aww : ( that will probably be me soon

      I have to go right now and won't be back for at least 12 hours but I never feel right taking gifts from people because somehow it feels wrong

  3. aww please atleast i wanna say u good byeeee

  4. Since you love pirates, have you watched Pirates of the Caribbean?
    -Magical Icyjoy

  5. Happy March the 1st!

  6. Please do more of what people say. Its funny

  7. the fox pirate kinda remids me of foxy from FNAF, HOLY CRAP THAT GAME IS SCARY

  8. maybe he meant like a butler 0,0 srry im using anon im laslo289

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks birthday person who said I didn't have to post the comment but I did before I saw you said I didn't have to post the comment

  10. I know what the pirate fox is

  11. Yes, this blog is dead now. But I'll just say I think the fox is supposed to be Foxy from the popular horror game Five Nights at Freddy's.


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