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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mini AJ Update February 26 2015

It's almost March already? I need to start paying more attention to dates

AJHQ released another update today which is just another update where they add one page to the Jamaa Journal and a party. It doesn't really count as an update but it's in between the actual updates we get so I'll let it slide

Here is the new page

All the other pages are the same
The page does show Clover Glasses which as far as I know don't exist yet, so we might be getting those soon

The Lucky Part has been readded to the parites list and the Friendship Party has been taken away

It's still pretty much the same because AJ rarely ever update parties lol

The shop is the same too

Why couldn't they have sold heart balloons for Valentine's Day? I really wanted those...

Here's a picture of my bunny in its cupid outfit that I need to change soon in a clover field that no one asked for

 ...and then I got kicked from the game and get this message when I try to play again

 Then it went away after 10 minutes before I started to panic

Special Delivery is gone too, but AJ didn't bother updating the Jamaa Journal... Oops!

At least now we have a new limited time adventure to look forward to. I admit I actually like AJ's adventures, they can be pretty fun. They are the most fun the first time, then they get boring, but still

I might make a blog for a different game that I play, but it won't be a news site. I will just post pretty pictures that I took. Interested? No? Well I'm only making it so I can delete the screenshots from my computer because they take up so much space


  1. What game is it? Now I'm intrigued lol

  2. Lazy lame AJHQ :l

  3. Meloetta post on breadstick please :(

  4. I know where you live meloetta ;)

  5. meloetta i gotta meet u!
    rlly urgent please reply and come online

  6. really urgent or come tomorrow ur wish

  7. I think the clover glasses were sold last year, but I'm not sure.

  8. Sorry to say this Mel but clover glasses are a item already

    1. I also thought those balloons were new until someone pointed out that they weren't

      I don't know a lot about the first half of last year's items

  9. clover glasses aka shamrock glasses came out last year :)

  10. hey meloetta, know anything about the squash chair? like where did it come from?

    1. It's called a Bullhorn Throne and that's all I know. It's in the same style as all of the Twists And Turns items, so my guess is it's a special prize from that adventure. By "special" I mean like Chocolate Peck Statue and Taffee Pulling Machine from Bitter Sweets which is why there are so few

    2. i hovered over it on someone's trade and it said squash throne. also i played those adventures so much and i never saw it. if it was in there, it was SUPER rare!

    3. They must have changed the name then
      I never saw it there either, but then again I never saw the peck statue or taffee thing

  11. WHY AJHQ? For crying out loud. I have had it with these little updates...


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