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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My ancient trading stories (Part 1)

Yes, two story posts in a row, I know
I shouldn't dare say the thing I always say but there's nothing else to post

I said a while ago that I'd post some of my old trading stories because at least one person was interested, so this is that post, or at least one of those posts

Like most of my AJ stories, this is all true and from 2011 when there were no adventures and the only way to get items was to buy or trade for them meaning every item had a set value (because you couldn't just get any item you wanted from eagle quest like you can now lol)
Most of the rare items back then were all from 2010 and there weren't too too many players then so there weren't that many of each item

Note: This story was back when I loved trading. If you see this stories as bragging, sorry, but this were in the past and none of these items are even rare anymore because of eagle quest 
I'm not much of a trader anymore anyway

Red Top Hat
This is the one I remember the most, my red top hat story. This happened around the end of November/start of October of 201. I was sitting at the town as a wolf, sitting by some other world wearing a headdress. A random girl starts yelling "MY TOP HAT FOR HEADDRESS"
At this time, headdresses only left stores a few months ago and top hats haven't been available since beta, meaning top hats were wayyy rarer. Red top hats were I think the 3rd rarest top hat which was even better
Since I was one of those hardcore traders, I had to trade my headdress for that top hat. But there was a problem (oh no, plot!)
She asked the headdress wolf sitting by me if she would trade her headdress for her top hat. Luckily headdress wolf said "ew no I don't want that" which was really shocking for me. I quickly put on my pink headdress so top hat girl would ask me if I would trade. Of course she did and I got a fancy new top hat! I was so amazed by that super good trade I just got. Very few people ever owned a red top hat!
My dream item was a witch hat and I knew for sure this top hat would get me the witch hat I always wanted (witch hats were also super rare)
That same day I went to a trading party (people actually hosted trading parties in their dens and didn't just use aldan for trading) where I met some guy with a red angry pumpkin mask. All Halloween items were super rare in 2011, and red angry pumpkin masks were maybe 3 of a kind! Since this was the end of November/start of October, the next update would be a Halloween update and everyone knew a lot of Halloween rares would be coming back (that update also happened to be the next day after this story happened) so most people that had the super rare Halloween masks were trying to trade theirs for something good while they still could. Angry pumpkin mask guy was no different
I traded my new red top hat for his 3 of a kind pumpkin mask and we were both satisfied
Not long after I found someone with my dream item, a witch hat, and they accepted my 3 of a kind mask for their witch hat (the mask was way rarer than the witch hat but I wanted a witch hat)
I don't remember how it tied in with the story, but I also got Bat Wallpaper somewhere in one of those trades. I think they traded the wallpaper and the witch hat for my pumpkin mask, I'm not sure. Or I might have just traded for the wallpaper because people knew it would come back the next day. And it did. But do you know what else came back the next day? The pumpkin mask! You know what didn't come back the next day? Witch Hats! I eventually changed my username to WitchHatBunny because I was obsessed with that witch hat. I got some good offers for my witch hat (I think the best one was a founders hat and a yellow jamaaliday bow for it) but I always declined because I didn't want to trade it, I just wanted to see the offers I got. Witch hats did come back 2 weeks later though, but I didn't care, I loved that witch hat. Unfortunately when I got hacked in 2013, the hacker took my witch hat with them. I do have other witch hats, but it'll never be the same. That exact witch hat was form 2010 and only I knew that and only I cared about that. I used to call it Twist. I miss my little Twisty : (
You can look at some of my older posts if you want to see me with my signature witch hat, but I don't know why you would want to
I only put one story in this post because it was so long, but I'll post more eventually


  1. meluoetta ur braging >:( evryone has a heddres but me!!!!!!!!!


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