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Sunday, February 22, 2015

New palette soon?

I noticed that in the new tutorial and in Special Delivery, some animals have colors that are not available on the palette
The "palette" I am talking about is the thing in the inventory screen where you can change your colour
Instead of getting to the point I'll give you a small history lesson on AJ's animal palette

In what I believe was closed beta, which is when AJHQ tested the game before they let players joined, there was this one

They removed most of the old colors and replaced them with the next palette
It's blurry because it was taken from a beta screenshot from AJHQ, and that screenshot was really small

After that there was this one

And then this one

And now we have this one

Colors that aren't on the palette are nothing new (newly created seals have a special green for eyes and a special cream fur for example) but recently AJHQ has been making NCP characters have colours that aren't on the palette and have never been seen before

This hyena in the tutorial has an unreleased puke green and possibly an unreleased brown

I did a hex color test on the green and wasn't able to match it with any of the current palette colours
I just noticed while writing this that a similar puke green was in the closed beta palette, hmm...

Calvin in Special Delivery has an released red as Color 1

It's slightly different than the reds in the palette, or at least according to my tests

Rachel has a cool silvery Color 1

Juliet has a hot peachy Color 1

Hector has that same hot peachy as Color 2

That peachy color also looks like one on the original... right? No? I wish the original palette was more clear so I can do a real colour test but oh well

All of this probably means absolutely nothing, but it's suspicious how AJ has been using unused colors recently... I doubt we actually will get an updated palette anytime soon, but I can only hope
any update is better than that last update tho
yes i will post on my story blog eventually


  1. A new palette would be awesome. I never actually knew they gave more variety of colours o-o

    "Puke green" LOL jackyboy's puke green one spike spiked collar (that was confusing)

  2. OH I actually realised that I realised that white-pink colour under the white XD

  3. While i was making new account i realised that the lion that had UNRELEASED
    chains now have musketeer boots!

    1. Really? Good thing I got a picture of it before it got changed

    2. ??? I don't get this. What unreleased chains?

    3. In the New Jammer tutorial there was a lion wearing handcuffs

    4. I tested it myself and it was in fact changed

  4. wow i hope it will come up but aj is too slow o-o

  5. Hey Mel! Today I was in WisteriaMoon's Den and traded someone my Flower Carpet and Moon Dirt for their Blue Shag Carpet. But when I went to my den after the trade was completed, the Flower Carpet was still in there! It wasn't in my inventory or anything. Weird or what?!
    I am sure that when I place the Shag Carpet down the Flower Carpet will disappear for good.

    1. It's happened to my friend before with a blue table
      I think it goes away when you refresh

  6. Mel... Are blue shag, moon dirt, flower carpet, brick walls, space walls, pink forest walls, blue vines, pink sweets etc. still rare??? I know most of them can be found in The Forgotten Desert.
    Also, what about sewing machine? Is that rare, too? Is it rarer than any of the above walls/wallpaper?

    1. All of those things are in The Forgotten Desert and I don't count anything there as rare anymore because it's all renewable
      That being said I might be the worst person to ask about what's rare

  7. lol I trust you to know what's rare more than a lot of other people who don't even know that spikes were a monthly member gift and weren't reelased during beta.

    1. I only consider items that aren't in adventures to be rare now and that probably bothers like everyone ever lol
      Most of the items that aren't in adventures are glitched items

  8. i bet all of your animals would be puke green if they could


    1. I bet the reason he got banned was because he hacked all of his animals to be puke green

    2. XD. I didn't know he got banned. Was he a former friend or just a random user who posted a comment saying he got banned?
      (Not that I really care, but just curious.)

  9. AJ is becoming lazy ;-; Today's RIM is lame -.-

    1. Most of them are : (
      I just wanted it to be a nonmember item so I can finally transfer all of my gems to my main account, but of course it's a member item once again


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