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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pillow Room den music?

I was searching for more AJ music files (I did find some more of those and I'll put them at the end of the post) and I found another interesting thing. The last interesting thing I found was that Epic Wonders is called "rare_item_shop" in the files which could have meant Epic Wonders was originally going to be for, well, rare items

The thing I found today is that the Pillow Room's music is called "den_sitar"
You can find the music here:

A sitar is a musical instrument and happens to be the one that plays in the music, but why is the word "den" there? The Pillow Room is one of AJ's oldest rooms and hasn't been changed since beta (other than its location) so I'm assuming it's always been called den_sitar
That could mean that it was originally planned to den music! That or it means nothing and AJ just called it that because they felt like calling it that. There's no way to find out for sure

Here are the other ones I found (click them)


I really want to find the old med center music so the people of today can hear how... weird it was


  1. How many songs do you have the files to?

  2. Hi Meloetta! I was just wondering why your den is always locked. (I've actually wondered that for a while, but this random den music post reminded me...)
    -Magical Icyjoy
    PS: I love your blog :D

  3. Well one reason I keep it locked is because suspicious people always come to my den asking for my helmet and then post pictures of me on instagram with helmet and then I get a ton of jam a grams asking me to trade from more suspicious people

    PS: Thanks!

  4. Can you unlock it just for today? Please?

  5. Sheesh....a lot of Jammers are starting to get so annoying.Worst of all? My computer has full memory! I was followed by someone who was having his birthday and....
    P.S.: Its a schoolday morning today BTW.

  6. I'm gonna be late!

  7. Ummm Mel, please tell me you were running around Jam Mart trying to do this glitch. Something seemed off.

    -Unknown for now (don't wanna risk it)

  8. What did the old Medical Center music sound like? I think I was on around the time it was around, but I didn't really go in much, and then they got rid of it. I don't know why I'm so interested but I really wanna hear what it sounds like, lol.

    1. You know the game Pool? The thing with the green table? The "music" in that room sounded like people playing Pool

    2. Oh. That sounds weird.. Yet kind of interesting. Thanks XD

  9. I think I heard the hospital music in animal crossing new leaf when I went to a dream world


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