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Monday, February 23, 2015

Site Updates + Handcuffs

I'll start with the part people might actually care about - Magi AJ told me that the lion with handcuffs that I posted about not too long ago in the new AJ tutorial (>>original post<<) had his handcuffs removed and is now rocking Musketeer Boots

This is both good news and bad news, The good news is the lion is no longer a prisoner! The cops took off his handcuffs and now he's free! The bad news is now we don't get to see that cool unreleased item int he tutorial anymore... But at least we still have my picture of it that will probably get stolen if people still do that kind of thing

Here's a little before and after thing


I don't know why they went through the trouble to change that. Maybe they didn't realise it was unreleased when they gave them to the lion? what if they read my post about it lol

If that "news" wasn't boring enough, here comes the real boring part! Yay!

I plan to add more pages to the sidebars to give this site a few more things to explore By things to explore, I mean text that most people will skip over lol

I'm going to split up the Unreleased & Deleted Items page into a few different pages so it's less confusing. It'll also be easier for me to update if I do it this way. That page constantly goes out of date and... yeah

There will be a page that's dedicated to the unreleased items, one dedicated to colors of items that were removed but you can still get by trading (like glitched antlers and beta hoods) and a page for deleted items that you can't get anymore, such as Horse Coins and green Top Hats
The pages will also be more informative than they are now. That is if I actually finish those pages... And we all know how my little projects go...
I could also use ideas for new pages, so if you have any and your name isn't jackyboy, I'd love to hear them


  1. I might start doing tutorials too
    I don't want to do tutorials for things everyone knows about (like how to buy stuff from Jam Mart), I was thinking more of stuff like how to transfer gems from one account to another

    1. How do you transfer gems?

    2. Meloetta how do you transfer gems? Please tell me I want to know

    3. I'm going to make a tutorial thing ok

  2. Replies
    1. did you host that girl party yet?

    2. do you still need women?

    3. ok I admit I never did my end of the bargain yet either

      people are going to look at these comments and wonder what we are talking about lol

  3. aj is getting boring i guess i think that aj is only about spikes and deleted and glitched items that are probably less in number,,, now a days ppl dont bother about monday rares and den betas at all but to me aj for playing decorating dens and making outfits making buddies.. this is what aj must had been and i hope it will be like it........................

  4. Every single hater out there:''what r u talkeing aoot u r so lam ur pos suckz u suckz'' Me:What the heck keep ur oppenon (sorry bad spelling) to your self!

    ~mlp06 <----animaljam name transformice name ------> Mlphearts transforhouse user ------> Mlpfnaflover

  5. Wow. I didn't know the green top hat hadn't been re-released since beta! Guess you learn something new everyday!

  6. Hi Mel. Today's rare item is a bit rubbish, I'd like to see a new item as rare item. It should be for non-members, anyway! :3

  7. I noticed AJHQ didn't return the Friendship Bracelet - that item is a really nice item and AJHQ didn't even bother returning it. We don't get a lot of items anymore and half of the items stay for a week and go. :/

  8. On the note of items.

    I found this:
    http://animaljamstone.blogspot.com/2015/02/helphelphelphelphelphelphelphelphelphel.html It's a monstrosity!

    1. That is very terrifying but cool
      by the way I like your name


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