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Monday, February 2, 2015

Summer Carnival and 2015 Party Return

EDIT: AJ is now trying to fix it/already fixed it

Looks like AJ has yet to fix their glitchy system! In the Parties menu, Special Delivery was replaced by the Summer Carnival and the Friendship Party was teplaced by the New Years Party

I never thought I'd see the carnival and a new years party on the same list, but I never thought I'd care either

The New Year's Party isn't any different than it was, except for the fact that it now exists in February which still doesn't really change anything

 All the shops are still the same too

The carnival, however...

All of the shops have the Friendship Party Emptiness glitch other than the ticket shop. There's no point in buying tickets if you can't use them though...

I don't know if this was there before, but there's this weird white mess of pixels over by the clothing shop

I could walk under it and it wasn't just on my screen because it showed up in my picture

But the weirdest thing is this

One of those cotton candies was just floating there... Before you tell me that's a common glitch and not worth mentioning, the cotton candy was actually moving by itself! There was an invisible jammer holding that cotton candy (I think it was an eagle because they were moving over the tents)

Check out this horribly made gif
It's hard to tell by it vanished into smoke right before the gif ends (and someone interrupted me with a trade which sort of ruined the gif... or made it unintentionally funny)

This will probably be fixed soon because a ton of people will be sending in complaints about removing the new adventure  (even though it's just a bug)


  1. jackyboy9917835219February 2, 2015 at 3:30 PM

    yoi shouldnt be aloud to make gifs meloetta lol


  2. Whoa, AJ is weird..... O.O

    As usual.

  3. I haven't been commenting because school >_< Sorry May!

    How cool is that! and the gif "WHERE R DA PRIZES??" XD

  4. Meloetta, I know this is a hack, but what happens if I enter on my storage?

    Or it might be a virus...

    1. It's obviously fake, spiked collars weren't even in beta lol

      It's probably just a virus, I don't recommend signing up even with your storage

    2. Actually none of those items were in beta. If someone's going to make a fake thing like this, at least make is SEEM legit

    3. Non member swords were in beta, but other than that no they weren't.

    4. Swords were in beta, not Pirate Swords

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