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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Fools' Party 2015

One of my favorite AJ parties is finally back! It was here for most of the day but I wasn't here for it the first time :(

When you log in you should get this giant banner that says ¡ʎɐp ,slooℲ lᴉɹd∀ ʎddɐH

Here's how it looks in the parties menu (exactly the same as last time)

You start out in the upside down castle den, just like last time too

I can't say if the party is unchanged from last year because I didn't go to it last year, but it's certainly different than it was the first time the party was released (I'll link to the post I made about it later for anyone who cares)

There's a cool snowy place at the top of the castle
Or bottom of the castle, it's really hard to tell

Did you like the pun I made with cool? No? I didn't think so :(

There are two shops, both with new items

The first one is the furniture shop. It's in the sky, which is also the ground

They sell these items there

Page 2

There are 6 new items here on page 1 as well as the original 6 items on page 2

As always I'll put gifs that show all the available colours on the Item Archive page because there are too many to post here

The second shop sells clothing items and is on the far right of the castle... or left

You can see the precious shark hats on the counter ♥︎

They sell these lovelies here

There they are... the shark hats that I never shut up about...
But you can also buy drying pans!

This party is lovely
I thing I might move in here

While it doesn't have anything to do with this party, yesterday's rare is still in Jam Mart Clothing!

It could just be an April Fools' joke but AJ's been really glitchy lately so I don't know

I hope everyone buys 50 shark hats just because

>>Original April Fools' Party<<

Item History - Elf Bracelets

Elf Bracelets are leg items that were first released in beta for only 45 gems
They were sold in Jam Mart Clothing, the only clothing stone in beta

These were only available in four different colors

When trading came out in March of 2011, Elf Bracelets were very popular among traders. Most players referred to them as "elf cuffs" or just "cuffs"

At the time these were popular items, there were very few Leg Items even in the game. That could be one of the reasons they were so popular - there weren't many other options. If I remember correctly, the only leg items in 2011 were Leg Armor, Elf Bracelets, Freedom Bands, Flower Bracelet, and the four types of member gloves

Towards the end of 2011, unreleased colors of Elf Bracelets started mysteriously appearing (it wasn't just elf bracelets either, there were unreleased colors of a lot of items floating around)

Someone had green ones and someone else had teal ones
This was the actual picture I took of the mysterious unreleased teal elf bracelets (Of course they've since been released but they weren't at the time)

Sizzlerat also had the teal elf bracelets
(but that's not that surprising since she's an AJHQ person lady)

The blue and green cuffs were one of a kind (unless you count sizzle's) so a lot of the big traders really wanted them
when they came back unknown date there was glitch

On January 5th of 2012, Elf Bracelets finally made a return in Jam Mart Clothing
They even had the nerve to raise the price of them to 250 gems

They were released in 4 new colors (red, grey, and the two ones we already knew about, green and teal) They also changed the default color of them to the previously unreleased teal (It was tan in beta)

As always, when rare items come back to stores, their popular dies down a lot because people think they have to wear the rarest stuff to be cool so most people ditched their elf bracelets. Those poor inanimate objects :(

However, Elf Bracelets were a special case. They still stayed popular for a little while longer than most items get to. For one thing, people loved the new colors they were available in. But the main reason they stayed popular was because of a mistake

It was discovered that 2 of the 8 colors you could change the bracelets to were exactly the same. They were both the new grey ones

The extra grey one replaced one of the original colors in the shop - the purplish ones

 The purple ones stayed rare like they've always been. Because of this, a lot of people wanted them
People considered them to be special items like the "beta" old blanket. That was until AJ finally fixed the bug. I don't know exactly when they fixed it but I remember them taking quite a few biweekly updates to finally get around to fixing it

Their popularity started to die out. That was until they were put on Clearance on March 15 2012

They became slightly more popular because of this. Not nearly as popular as they were after beta, but at least it was something

But then the March 29 2012 update happened. This update introduced the Horses Only Party. I bet you can guess what item got sold there

That's right, Elf Bracelets came back even though they were just on clearance. Unicorn Horns and Angel Wings were on clearance at the same time Elf Bracelets were too, and both also came back at the Horses Only Party

They've all been available there since that day, destroying any hope of them ever being popular again
Oh yeah, and now they are in eagle quest too

I still see people wearing them from time to time, but not as often as I used to see them (so they are technically rarer than they used to be but they are also still available to buy, so...)

Not many people call them cuffs anymore either
I got called an idiot in the town recently because I asked if anyone had grey elf cuffs 
While me being an idiot might not be false, I still find it funny how things change. At one point it's dumb if you say elf bracelets instead of elf cuffs, and now it's the opposite

Monday, March 30, 2015

Beta default animal looks

Here is something that's mildly interesting
All the animals in beta had different default looks. What I mean by that is when you made a new tiger for example, the way it looks before you change its patterns and thing were different. Most of them just started with different eyes which is why I said "mildly interesting"

Tigers had googly light green eyes

Monkeys had brown googly eyes

Pandas had blue googly eyes (are you noticing the pattern yet?)

 Koalas has the same eyes that tigers had

Bunnies had red googly eyes as well as a cream main colour

And wolves had evil red eyes

Nowadays all of these animals start out with those lifeless-looking eyes. I wonder why they changed that...

As a bonus I'll include the old default looks of seals and horses even though they weren't in beta

Seals started with the same green they start with now but with a different eye shape

Horses started with brown fur and lifeless blue eyes

I think I remember horses starting with the eyelash eyes at one point too but I don't remember


get it

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yet another glitchy thing

...from the recent update

A few people told me about this one and I discovered it for myself too - if you try to recycle an item, the rare tag gets added to it as well as a diamond

That's not even the rare tag that they use now. That one looks like this

The one that's used is shorter

The real interesting thing is the diamond. No item currently has a diamond on its item icon. Maybe they will be adding it to Diamond Shop items in the next update? It would make sense since they just added the "Are you sure you want to trade your diamond item?" message to trades

I tried this with an item that doesn't normally have the rare tag on it and it still works

The tiger bunny glitch that I posted yesterday got fixed, so now you can buy tigers again!
That's it for glitches from that recent update (as far as I know, anyway...)

I'll leave you with a picture of an arctic wolf asking for a fake item like I used to do a couple years ago

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mysterious flower bunny

AJ's been more glitchy than usual after both of yesterday's "updates"
Multiple people told me about this and the word's got around so you probably know about this already

Thanks Cleverbug, Anonymous and The Legendary phoenix for telling me (Cleverbug I still don't know what I'm supposed to call you)

If you try to make a new tiger... you get this

It's a bunny with a weird flower pattern! I'm guessing this will be some "special deal" in April - if you buy a bunny in April you'll get a special edition one? I don't know lol

If I try to click next, the bunny just covers the name selector

If I try to click the next button after that, this happens...

In the gif I'm clicking Next over and over
(apparently everyone else in the universe made a gif of this too and I didn't know but too bad)

I tried switching the selected animal after I clicked next and this happened

Oh yeah, and this glitch prevents you from even buying a tiger. You can still get one by making a new account but who wants to do that?

Cleverbug posted a link the the previous post's comments to a picture of the lower bunny with the "exploring" sign, so if you want to check that out go ahead. The first time I tried to buy a tiger it showed the sign for me but I didn't take a picture

Friday, March 27, 2015

SPOILERS - What's coming in the next AJ update

I don't know if anyone actually cares about AJ spoilers or not but I'll put that word there just in case somebody does

AJ stayed in maintenance mode for a while and didn't add anything. Or at least that's what I thought - they "added" a glitch with the Jamaa Journal

Before anyone yells at me saying the Jamaa Journal looks normal for you, remember that AJ can still update it. This is how the Jamaa Journal looked as of when this was posted
They seemed to have wrote over the old Jamaa Journal with the words that will be in April 2nd's Jamaa Journal. The pictures from the old one are still there, but the words are different

None of the stuff talked about in this Jamaa Journal are actually out yet, it should get added on April 2nd (the date even says April 2 on it)

Page 1

The next adventure will be called Spring Festival and we have to find 100 eggs!

Page 2

The Deep Space den item set is coming out too!

Page 3

Polar Bears are leaving "in search of some place cool"
They won't be in the Diamond Shop for much longer

Page 4

This page is pretty much unchanged. They did add the words "Coming Soon"
The sentence about the armor is from the old Jamaa Journal so I don't think it means a new armor set is coming soon, but something else entirely

Page 5

I wonder if the "some place cool" and "coming soon" are linked. Maybe a new land? Probably not, the "some place cool" thing is probably just something they made up as an excuse for why they're leaving AJ, but we can still hope

New updating message

I was talking to friend when all of us got this message

We all said no
The message came back 5 minutes later and I said ok, but nothing happened

Then AJ went offline
I guess this was just testing a new update message that replaces the old "AJ is closing in 10 minutes for a short update" or whatever it said. This might mean we can still play during future updates which is pretty cool though

I'm guessing the update will add the April Fools party but probably not

EDIT: AJ is back online and it doesn't look like they added anything
My guess is it was just a bugfix update

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Shark Hats on other animals

Jammerjamis took off the shark hat unfortunately, but before they took it off I managed to get pictures of the shark hat on different animals due to a glitch!
Since we can see them on other animals it's revealed that they have noses and a fin which was probably obvious because sharks have those features

Here you go

And my personal favorite:

Some of the hat gets cut off in the animal picture so I took pictures of how they look in the circle preview thing

I never thought that when they finally added Shark Hats into the game that they'd actually look good
Well done AJHQ, now we just have to wait 3 months for them to get released