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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

AJ History - Monthly Gifts Part 1

AJHQ used send out special gifts to members every month. These were called Monthly Member Gifts
In one of the old Jamaa Journals, they said something along the lines of "these items will NEVER be available anywhere else!!!!" which was a complete lie. Most of them are available in adventures or the Diamond Shop now. Thanks for being honest, guys

This is what they used to do before the Diamond Shop was introduced. Honestly I think they'd make more money if they still did monthly gifts, but...

Anyway, on May 25 2011, AJHQ sent out this Jam a Gram to every player, *including nonmembers

Everyone was really confused. I know I was lol
I thought I won some contest or something when I opened my Jam a Grams and saw a gift from AJHQ

The gift I got was a Legendary Glove

There were 4 types of special gloves you could have gotten - Legendary, Lava, Mummy, and Dragon. Each had 8 different colors
At the time, nonmember gloves were as popular as spiked collars are now. Everyone wanted one, and the people that did have them only wanted 2 more gloves for theirs. The difference is some glove colors were actually rare, unlike Spiked Clolars are now

Legendary Gloves were the most popular type. Second was Lava, third was Mummy, and fourth was Dragon. Some people would trade their nm gloves for legendary gloves. The may or may not have destroyed the AJ economy

*Nonmembers couldn't accept gifts, so the gloves were there in your gift boxes to taunt them... :(

AJ started advertising monthly gifts in the Jamaa Journal
June didn't have a monthly gift, probably because May's was just given out

On July 1st, AJHQ sent out their second monthly gift, this time only to members

The gift was either a Spiked Necklace, Spiked Wristband, Spikey Wristband, or Spikey Necklace (all of which got renamed to Spiked Collar/Spiked Wristband

Yes, that's where spiked stuff originated from. They aren't beta items, jackyboy
They weren't at all popular back then. They were only popular when they got released because they were new monthly gifts. After a few days, people stopped caring about them. Then 2013 happened...

In one of the July Jamaa Journals, they showed this picture and said it was going to be the next monthly gift

Then August came around and we got to see what the gift really was
Spoilers the gift was The Claw

 They made a den version of the claw game because of the release of the new plushies at the time
9 days later they changed the den claws so that they can give exclusive Phantom plushies that weren't available in the claws at the Juice Hut, the Museum, and the Movie Theatre

The hint for September's gift was this

I thought it was a Cloud Hat, and I wasn't far from being right

The gifts were weather clouds for your den! There were Rainbow, Rain, Lighting, and Snow clouds

The last one I'm going to talk about in this post is October's monthly gift
The gifts were Caged Phantoms

They were available with square cages, round cages, square underground cages, and round underground cages, all with different electricity colors

I don't think this post was even necessary, most people probably know about monthly gifts but this post can be for the few people that don't I guess ok bye


  1. Before I got hahahahahacked on EC, I had like 138464 accounts and I logged on some of them and the present box popped up, with gloves and they actually let me accept it and those were non member spare accounts lol

  2. One question whats a dragon glove? Also if ajhq kept doing the monthly member gifts it would cause less scammers

    1. [img]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-dwiLdCEpNU4/TkgiOukUgRI/AAAAAAAABVI/TRkxbNkSECU/s1600/Dragon+pale.png[/img]

      That's a dragon glove, I think they're in the diamond shop

  3. Do they have a gift for every month you redeem a membership code? Because redeemed one in march. And I no get gift. :C

  4. Remember the Diamond Shop boycotts?

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I wouldn't say that, but I did find it a little mean that she didn't ask
      Mean isn't the right word but I think you know what I mean

  6. Spikes can turn you into a snobby, rare crazy, idiot! It happend to my Ex AJ BFF... She got a spike and was really happy, then she started kinda bragging about her PIXLEZ she wuz wearing, soon she wanted to trust me for rares and said she would do her spike, i said no said she said "OMG u muzt hav no rarz" and i told her that i do not trust, then she said that i was a noob that had no rares and a loser even though i have WAY more rares then her. Now i am still on her buddy list but she is a scammer and a liar and snobby and mean now! AJHQ WHY R SPIKES IN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU RUINED MY BFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It's ironic because spiked collars aren't even rare
      Sorry that happened to you though :(

  7. Update in 5 hours and 1 day. What do you expect from it? Lol- I wish you the best of luck with the hilariously high amount of comments you'll be getting and needing to reply to.

    1. Since we just got an update that actually added something new, I'm not expecting anything good out of the next 12 updates
      We'll get a new pet, that's it

    2. Lions are returning for sure (Snow Leopards inferior counterpart) probably a new pet, possibly a new party. My hopes though? NEW LAND AND PHANTOM FORTRESS

    3. I forgot about lions, we'll get those and not even a new pet

    4. I see the beta party returning soon if AJHQ feels lazy.

    5. Also if you wanna do a Beta website picture post, try waybackmachiene.com and put AJ's web address in and get pics lol

    6. They said the beta party will come back in summer, but they didn't say it ONLY comes back in summer so you could be right

      I know about wayback machine, that's how I found the document where AJHQ lied in

    7. In the next few is sure play wild beta should come out cause it's suppose to be released in April!

  8. Clolars i see what you did there..XP just me ok..huehuehehuehheuhhe


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