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Thursday, March 19, 2015

AJ Update March 19 2015

Once again we got an update that isn't so bad. It's not the best update we've ever gotten but it's definitely not the worst

As always, I'll start with the Jamaa Journal

Page 1

Like they said they'd be in the last Jamaa Journal, lions are back in the Overpriced Shop!

Expect these to be popular again for a few days and then for everyone to forget about them (it happens with basically all new/returning animals)

Page 2

I don't know if you'd call this a new "feature" but now it will give you a different message if you try to accept a trade for some of your items

If someone offers for your item that's in the diamond shop and you try to accept, you'll get this

I don't know if you will get that message for items that were taken out of the Diamond Shop or not

And if your item has the Rare Tag on it you'll get this

I don't know what the point of this is though... Do you really need reminding that your item has the rare tag on it when it's clearly visible?

One good thing about this though is that it doesn't count the special 5 Elf Tail Armors as diamond items so that will make it less confusing for at least 1 person

They also threw in some trading tips, such as "never give out your password" because giving away your password has everything to do with trading lol
Seriously though, that's not a trading tip
and ironically most the item that have the rare tag are tag aren't even rare

Page 3

There's a new "party" you can go to now! It's not really much of a party though

You get put into a small room and have to walk over to the √ or the X depending on the question

You'll get this message when you go to the party

Animals don't have outlines when you're at this party

Page 4

An ad for something that's been in the game for 2 weeks already, nice

And a new minibook thing in the Chamber of Knowledge
You can to click on the book in front of the panda to access the lion book because logic

Page 5

The April Fools' party is coming back! That was very predictable but I'm still happy to hear that
The April Fools' Party will always be one of my favorites
I also happen to have plans for April Fools 。◕‿◕。

And a new exhibit in the museum

They changed the scrolly bars in menus to a bulkier version

I really prefer the old scrolly bars :( Everything looks so different because of that small change, gross

That's all for new features, here are the new items

In Jam Mart Clothing...

In the Overpriced Shop (Music)...
(That's the music for Lucky Clovers if you couldn't tell)

They also brought some items back accidentally
They will probably take these items away again, but as of the time this was posted, they were for sale

In Jam Mart Furniture, all of the Pi items are back

So much for them "only being available for 2 days"

The Cupid Bow is in Epic Wonders again too (at least I think it's back, I don't know if it ever left)

Here's the music for the new party:

I'll give update a... 7.3

I took off some points because of the new scroll bars lol


  1. Tbh the animals look better without the outline

  2. ughrh the scrolly things are all boxy :(

  3. Can you make the length of time longer for the music?

  4. http://dailyexplorer.animaljam.com/?p=6977

    What bird is that with the lions? Is that an unreleased animal?

    1. I don't know what kind of bird that is
      It's not released (unless it's a really fat hummingbird)

  5. http://dailyexplorer.animaljam.com/?p=7069

    And some of these dens are not even theirs. Like the flag ones and portal ones, those belong to Flagshop and Denportalshop (I think that's the user for the portal one)

  6. 7.3/10 or 7.3/100? This score, 7.3/10, feels really generous for you :P

    1. All of my ratings for updates are out of 10
      I rated it that high because it actually adds something new unlike the updates we got recently (the update before this one was good too)

  7. The "logic" you're referring to is the fact that AJHQ divided the mini books by land, sea, and air animals.

    1. Good to know, I still think they should change the panda art to a lion though

  8. Aww now I can't get a snow leopard D: it says "Could not add animal!" :(

  9. Mel put mystical armor on a polar bear and dance and it comes out as bat wings, not mystical armor

    1. That means I need to get mystical armor lol

    2. I just tried it, I love glitches like this
      Thanks for sharing, Anonymous person

    3. You're welcome!
      I went to the diamond shop and I saw some polar bears doing that so that's how I found out.
      Sorry that you had to waste your diamonds XD

  10. jackyboy9917835219March 20, 2015 at 12:58 AM

    hey ,elo i know a glitch too if you spend all your diamonds on seal claws and refresh all your diamond will be back +99



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