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Thursday, March 5, 2015

AJ Update March 5 2015 - An actually good update

 It's about time we got an update that ACTUALLY adds something new and isn't just repeated news! While this update doesn't add too many new things, I think it's a pretty decent update

Here's the new Jamaa Journal

Page 1

There's the new adventure that everyone saw coming
I haven't played much of it yet but it seems pretty cool. You have to find keys and open chests
The front cover says you can win Spiked Garbaje so I'm sure a lot of people will complain that their "precious" spiked collars are bacl, even though they've been back since eagle quest came out lol
You can find it in the Parties menu even though it's an adventure, not a party
But knowing AJ these spiked garbaje items in the adventures are "special" versions, like a green spiked collar called Lucky Spiked Collar or something. Either way, plus some extra points for making spiked collars less rare than they already aren't (and no that isn't sarcasm, I'm actually glad)

I'll make a post about the adventure that will include any special limited edition prizes

Page 2

We're getting the furniture set that I wanted to win that contest - the Paint Studio set! & items from the set are already in Jam Mart Furniture

Plus some shameless self advertising

 Page 3

Now that's some interesting news - for Super Pi Day, there's going to be a limited time den. A VERY limited time den. I bet it will come back next year because AJHQ and I can almost guarantee it'll be in the diamond shop because AJHQ but it's still cool
Also snow leopards are gone, sorry taco

Page 4


Page 5

Repeated news about the Lucky Party, but lions are coming back! They will serve as snow leopard replacements

All the snow in Jamaa Township magically melted within an hour and a half and now there's bright green grass. Magic! The magic of digital editing that is

There's some new stuff at the overpriced Diamond Shop

The Valentine's fox statue has been replaced with a FANCY cheetah statue

That means there's a new armour set

Not as expensive as the Friendship set! They might actually be the same price I didn't check

The Rhino Claws that I forgot to buy have been replaced with seal claws

That's about it

I'll rate this update an...
8 out of 10

Sure it's not as feature-filled that older updates were, but it's probably the best we will ever get from NewHQ


  1. Yay! We finally get an AMAZING update. One thing which needs changing are the loading screens - we are no longer in winter!! Jamaa Township looks so pretty and I'm glad everything is back to normal with the Jamaa Journal.

    1. well now ajhq changed them there r about 4 of them

  2. So is AJ going to update every week now?

  3. Ehhh. The update's okay... Still not great, though

  4. I saw one flaw, the paint den items can have red paint, which could be seen as a blood, the footprints prove it a little

    1. Oh dear, I bet everyone's going to do that now

    2. lol I saw that too and that's exactly what I thought. Now I have bloody paw prints in my den :P

    3. I'm seriously tempted to create a murder scene in my den, thanks

    4. Omg Mel you should do that that would be awesome XDD

    5. Can you post a picture of it in the comments so I can see it? I haven't seen it so I want to see what your talking. About

    6. Of the red paw prints and maybe the other paint items in red so I can see what you mean

    7. After I get out of this adventure

    8. Ok. Have yougot anything good?

    9. I just got phantom gauntlets and rare headphones


    10. Thanks! Oh and do you want anything for your rare headphones?

    11. Oh and how do you make those pictures and how do you post them?

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. Oh ok. And yeah I would like them. I've been trying to get them for a while now

    14. Do you want the headphones?
      It's not letting me say how to put pictures in the comments so I'll have to space it out:
      [ img ] IMAGE URL [ /img ]

      Do that with no spaces

    15. Meet me in my den if you want them

    16. Can you wait until tomorrow? I can't get on right now. And if I drew something on my computer i can just do that and you will see it?

    17. I can wait (I'd send them now but I don't know who to send to)
      I'd see it if you uploaded it to a site that lets you upload images and copied the URL

    18. Oh you can send them now and I will send you something back when I get back on. My username is puppyfalina. And you mean sites like Imgur?

  5. Oh dear indeed o.o

  6. I noticed that when a seal is playing and has a freedom astronaut helmet on, it is invisible ;-;

  7. "Spiked Garbaje" did you change that? LOL I was just looking thru some old articles and saw that...


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