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Friday, March 20, 2015

Another random post for you to ignore

The update was nice and all but it didn't add anything that I can use as an excuse to post daily about :(

Instead I'll just post pictures of the scroll bar thingy that got changed

 This is the old scroll bar in the trading tab

And this is the new one

 I still prefer the old one but I could maybe get used to the new one... maybe
The old one just looks so much better to me. But that may just be because I'm so used to it

I bet you scrolled right past this post
That's my attempt at humor, it didn't work I'm sorry

Enough about scrollbars, here's a gif of a glitch that no one asked for

The glitch is that if you wear Sunglasses on a lion and dance, the glasses will disappear for a few frames, meaning your eyes aren't safe from the blinding sun because of a glitch. Nice
 Credit to the random lion dancing at the town with sunglasses


  1. Am I the only one who actually likes the new scroll bar?

  2. Also the Guatemala flag is non member again.

    1. I actually went rage quit over the flag being member if it's an American state/country I cant remember which one flag. Why is it member? *Was member*

    2. because AJ's system is broken

  3. Hmm interesting. I like the other scroll bar better tho the new seems to fit in much better

  4. Hey i found a new achievement that I never heard of! Its called ''For The Birds!''
    You ever heard of it? Search up candy 5554, and there's that. Help me!!!

    1. I've never seen it or heard of it, maybe it's from one of the new games

    2. I searched for it, it's from Swoopy Eagle


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