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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Food thrones

Someone anonymous told me that rainbowfluttershy99 has a weird item in their den - it's called a Pumpkin Chair

 This is not the Pumpkin Throne that was released for Rare Mondays. The item looks like this:

Another mysterious item is the Bullhorn Throne (also know as Squash Chair)
(Thanks lit lits for the picture)

The question is, where did these items come from? I don't know, but I have some guesses
As far as I know, only the original owners of these items know
Yes, I did say "know" a lot, I know

My first guess is these two items were "special" prizes in the Twists And Turns adventure
The two items are in a very similar style as >>the prizes from Twists And Turns<<
By special prizes, I mean like the highest tier prizes from Bitter Sweets (Chocolate Peck Statue and Taffy Pulling Machine) that you could only get if you collected all the candies
It would make sense since the Bitter Sweets special prizes are really rare, and the 2 thrones are coincidentally very rare too
I can't think of a way that special prizes would be given in Twists And Turns though... maybe there was a small chance of getting one of the thrones if you collected all of the key chests?

My second guess is they were hacked in. This is most likely the answer

They could also be in the eagle adventure, but if they were I think there would be a lot more of them around



  1. I ended the post with ~blossom~ for you, b

  2. I wish AJ put in cool items like that that don't have to be hacked in.

    1. Same, kinda ruins the game for everyone lol its already ruined

  3. Watch Jacky comment " i have both the of the chairs and I refuse to tell you how i got them"

  4. Mel do you know where you can get the frozen ice pond?

    1. This?

      It was a daily December gift in 2011 and I think it was available in the diamond shop last December

    2. It used to be in the furniture shop every December before the Diamond Shop... Now you have to spend extra on it :(

  5. i eats teh chairs now >~<

  6. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-jTvhR9PCPmE/Tvnx9QMfjWI/AAAAAAAAEDY/IEmznmak4_Y/s1600/screenshot_33.png

  7. Sorry about the last comment. I didn't know there was comment moderation. I was wondering how you posted an image in the blogger comments, and I was going to delete the comment afterwards.


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