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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Grey tiger BUG

 It was either this or more random images
My buddy list is "infected" and I know I'm not the only one with this problem
There's a whole section of my buddy list that is just grey tigers. There's about 14 people at the bottom of my buddy list that don't follow the alphabetical order rule that the rest of my buddies on my list do (so after the person on my list whose username starts with Z, there's like a second list that starts at A again)

I found out recently that the people that are under Zafara on my buddy list don't actually count towards my buddy amount. I actually have around 114 buddies

Like I said though, all of those people show up as grey tigers when I click on their nametag/search for them, even if they played recently

I know for a fact Sheesh4 was on recently, but it always says she was on "More than 30 days ago"
If I use another account and search for Sheesh4, it will show her player card. It just won't show it on my main account

When one of my after Z buddies logs in, the number of buddies I have goes up and doesn't go back down until I log off/refresh

Another problem with the after Z club is that sometimes they don't show up as my buddy at all when they log in!

LoveLost is a member of the after Z club, but when I logged her in, she wasn't my buddy anymore

But for LoveLost, I show up as a buddy!

Making players show up as grey tigers was one of AJHQ's worst ideas ever. At least a less people show up as a grey tiger now, but the problem is obviously still here

I almost forgot to add that if I delete someone after Z, my buddy count doesn't update. For example, if I deleted LoveLost, it would still say I have 100 buddies

Also, for the 6 people who read Breadstick The Croc:
Breadstick is on hold for now but don't worry it will return


  1. jackyboy9917835219March 12, 2015 at 3:55 AM

    i saw people were imitating me in the comments, im so honored


    1. I still don't understand why anyone would even want to impersonate you... You should really get an account so we can tell if it's really the "great" jackyboy948835u935204810 commenting

    2. Jacky what's your real user :)?

    3. I doubt he'll ever tell us, he's scared of the spam a grams we will send him

    4. i cant even send them a jam a gram i search up girl and i cant do anything with her nametag its just a grey tiger saying she was on 30 days ago exactly its creepy and scary

  2. Me too!! But when I hover at the name it says "more than 30 days ago" on ALL buddies even when they were just online. It's so weird

    its the power of the dragmetohell666 account dundundunnn

  3. I read Breadstick....


  4. ermuhgord i hate dis grey tiger thingy ;-;

  5. A beta tiara, a black tiki, and 2 glitched yetis for your Beta Hood?

    1. Founder and some other good stuff for it?

    2. Fine I'll hack you then

    3. 2 beta blankets, 2 beta tiaras, reward plaque,
      Magneta furry hat and beta eyeball hat for it?

    4. you could probably get like 12 beta hoods for the eyeball hat alone lol

    5. Is that a yes or a no..? I don't like the eyeball anyway so it doesn't really matter

    6. What do you mean "too suspicious"?

    7. I just find it odd that you're offering all that for one hood when you could easily get like 20 times that
      Plus I already said I didn't want to trade the hood, but if you really want to trade all of that for one hood just go to WootMoo's den, there's always at least one person there with a hood (at least from my experience)

  6. Yay, more Breadstick! WOO! And, really, Ur gonna hack her, Anonymous??!! Really?.


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