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Sunday, March 15, 2015

More weird things people say

Because someone asked me to

I'm running out of these pictures which means I have to stalk the townspeople again :(

This was in the Pillow Room, aka the dating and adoption room

As you can see, this wolf needed a "men dog"
I'm guessing they were looking for a boy wolf to go on an AJ date with, but the way the worded it... I don't even know

 Someone kept hosting Connect Four Four Gem and saying this

They were apparently impossible to win... What does that even mean? Is it impossible to win against them? Is it impossible for them to win? We'll never know if it was impossible for them to win then they wouldn't be hosting the game i guess

 I was talking to friends on the town's forgotten bridge and this guy came over to use watching us and saying r00d stuff
But then he decided to compliment me

It's not even funny but it was at the time because of his sudden mood change

On some random day, AJHQ sent out one of those messages that tells you to go to a certain room using a specific animal/colour. The one that was sent said to go to the Appondale tree and be purple
Someone said this

I found it way more funny than anyone else probably will lol

And the last one which is also the most recent...
Basically I met a new friend that I couldn't add because buddy list and we kept saying different variants of my username (sort of)

It's true, I'm really a motercycle. I'm sorry for keeping that from everyone for so many years


  1. Replies
    1. When I first heard of Iggy Azalea I was like "Iggy, you grew more famous then the other Koopalings :3 Amazing!"

    2. When I heard of Iggy Azalea I thought it had something to do with Club Penguin...

  2. i also like the ball on yer head may

    1. Thank you for your kind words

    2. Yes, it's very circular and round. :P

    3. stalk·er
      a person who stealthily hunts or pursues an animal or another person.
      a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.

      I don't think you're either of those definitions, Mel :P

  3. Ima call u Nellie now stead of mello

  4. I always stalk the townspeople in dat place kalled Jamaa Township. When I find something funny n interesting dey sayeth, I make posty kalled In The Township. Dey suh rad. Fur ixahmpelh, I've caught Jammers sayeth stuff about anchovies, flushing their dens, opinions, pie, shrimp, a "rare" bunneh, n moar. Dey make mi laugh cuz dey r suh funneh but dey r usually scammers 2.

    1. That's why I call it Scamaa Township

    2. did you spell it like that on purpose? i can't understand anything you just wrote.

    3. Translation:
      I always stalk the townspeople in that place called Jamaa Township. When I find something funny and interesting they say, I make a post called In The Township. They are so rad. For example, I've caught Jammers saying stuff about anchovies, flushing their dens, opinions, pie, shrimp, a "rare" bunny, and more. They make me laugh because they are so funny but they are usually scammers too.

  5. Men is another way of saying "mean" I think the word mean is banned or you get an inappropriate message if you say that.

    1. That's because you have free chat... And they probably that's a shortcut way of saying mean and they're probably too lazy to add the a

    2. but why would they be asking for a mean dog?

    3. I don't know... Maybe they mean something like a vicious dog or a guard dog... Like a pit bull or a bulldog

  6. What i think of when i see these...

    1. A person dating on AJ

    2. A person bad at playing Four Gem.

    3. A clown. (idk why)

    4.The song "Raido Active" being sung by jelly beans. (i dont get that either lol)

    5. A blue motercycle in my living room. (no comment....)

    Yes..... I think of weird things.... like a sheep in a toilet.....

  7. I find the last picture funny, more than likely an Imagine Dragons reference (correct me if its not.) Anything Imagine Dragons that is not an insult I like. Dare you insult Imagine Dragons I'll hunt you down and make you listen to their songs for 10 hours. I might throw in some One Direction to be extra cruel. Possibly some Justin Bieber and any other songs i have on my iPhone But I only have 11 songs so your lucky if I ever manage to hunt you down.


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