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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mysterious flower bunny

AJ's been more glitchy than usual after both of yesterday's "updates"
Multiple people told me about this and the word's got around so you probably know about this already

Thanks Cleverbug, Anonymous and The Legendary phoenix for telling me (Cleverbug I still don't know what I'm supposed to call you)

If you try to make a new tiger... you get this

It's a bunny with a weird flower pattern! I'm guessing this will be some "special deal" in April - if you buy a bunny in April you'll get a special edition one? I don't know lol

If I try to click next, the bunny just covers the name selector

If I try to click the next button after that, this happens...

In the gif I'm clicking Next over and over
(apparently everyone else in the universe made a gif of this too and I didn't know but too bad)

I tried switching the selected animal after I clicked next and this happened

Oh yeah, and this glitch prevents you from even buying a tiger. You can still get one by making a new account but who wants to do that?

Cleverbug posted a link the the previous post's comments to a picture of the lower bunny with the "exploring" sign, so if you want to check that out go ahead. The first time I tried to buy a tiger it showed the sign for me but I didn't take a picture


  1. This is pretty funny. You end up not even getting the tiger lol and how did they come up with that pattern???

  2. That's weird! Ya hopefully you can buy a special edition bunny that'd be cool

  3. Just tried it. It's pretty annoying.....

    I can see it now:
    Get your NEW special PATTERNED Bunny only in the DIAMOND SHOP until April 31st!

  4. mel i got another glitch for you if u try to sell a item it will show a rare sign with a diamond on the right wierd lol

    1. I heard about that too
      No item has a diamond on its item icon so maybe they'll add that to diamond shop items soon

  5. This could be from an upcoming AJ event (possibly merchandise) called "Enchanted Earth".


    1. Hey clear sky can you add the anonymous option on your blog please? I want to comment but there's no anonymous option :(

    2. I don't actively post on it. I just played around with the tools in blogger, thats it. Heh.

  6. on that same day, I was going to the diamond shop to buy some music, and my inventory was full. But when I tried to recycle, the picture said "rare" with a diamond on the rare sign. just wanted to let you know. p.s. I love this blog!

    1. [img]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-B_JyYs0URrU/VRc2FX6z55I/AAAAAAAAQv4/AhENG46Xfbs/s1600/recyle.png[/img]

  7. The recycle one still there thou

  8. I found a new glitch, first get an otter and when its onland dress it up, then do the same underwater. When u play a game, in ur icon the outfitsmix


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