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Friday, March 13, 2015

Old Item Names + Lucky Clovers Chest Map

Here is a small list of items that went through name changes. Most/all of these happened in 2011/2012

Feather Headdress --> Headdress

Gazelle Horns --> Gazelle Horn --> Gazelle Horns
(It was originally Gazalle Horns, then they took off the s, then changed it back)

Spiked Necklace --> Spiked Collar
 (these are the collars that have short spikes)

Spikey Necklace --> Spiked Colalr --> Rare Spiked Collar
(long spikes)

Spiked Bracelet --> Spiked Wristband
(short spikes)
Spikey Bracelet --> Spiked Wristband --> Rare Spiked Wristband
(long spikes)

The spiked collars got the word "Rare" in their names before AJ started putting the rare tag on everything
Now all of the original spiked stuff has the rare tag and the word rare in it
I didn't include all of the items that had rare added to its name, I only included the spiked collars/wristbands because they had other name changes and has rare added to their names before any other items
(I might be missing some)

Just some random AJ trivia for you in case you wanted it


This is something a lot of people have been waiting for - a map for Lucky Clovers that shows all of the chest locations! Click the map to make it bigger

It took me forever to make (I don't have a good editing program) and it's already proven to me to be helpful

It's not a perfect map by any means, and the circles look a little too big, but as far as I know it's the only chest map for the adventure on the entire internet (lol there's probably 50000 of them already)
Unfortunately it only shows the locations of the chests, not keys. I'll try to work on a key map too, but for now this will have to do
What I like to do is whenever I unlock a chest, I mark off the blue circle on the map that represents that chest


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  2. Hi! I was just wondering when your'e going to post on Breadstick again.
    -Magical Icyjoy

  3. Thanks for the map!! :D

    There are no pi den items yet :c I want pi!!!

  4. Theres one I cant find at the bottom left corner next to the golden road, can you help me??

  5. well its actually more in the middle than at the bottom. its in between the 2 leaves on the map

    1. Try using the 2016 version of the map



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