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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I never know what to title these anymore lol

I think I need to explain some things about the last two posts (the one about AJHQ's support system and the weird random letters and numbers message)

I took down the AJHQ post as you can see (or I guess as you can't see because it's not there anymore lol)
What happened was AJ replied shortly after (usually they take 9 days to reply so I was surprised) and said they restored the accounts that they deleted so that was good. That means they lied to me when they said they can't restore deleted accounts though... but I'll let it slide for now

They offered to give me diamonds for the troubles which was nice of them I guess
It didn't take them that long to give me the diamonds the promised

 I got that message that I thought they stopped doing

That's one problem solved
The one that isn't solved is the cryptic message post that you can find by scrolling down
It was posted by s4027j and is a bunch of random letters and numbers with a few meaningless words sprinkled in
My only other author on here is my friend who hasn't posted on here since 2012 and doesn't even play AJ anymore - and her name isn't s4027j
I don't know what the deal is... if this is some hacker I think they would've changed or deleted all of my posts and pages by now. I'm thinking it's a glitched bot or something. It's still creepy though...
People were telling me not to take the post down so I'll leave it up
Hopefully it never happens again

Well, that's out of the way
I pressed enter a lot while writing this post
I don't like punctuation

Anyway, I went to the Lucky Party the other day and both shops were blank

The next time I went I was put in a foreign server

Good ol' glitchy AJ


  1. I wish I got 5 diamonds every time AJ messed something up... Well, at least they gave it to you which was nice. Did there end up being any items on the other accounts?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Do you know what that hat is? That's a SHARK HAT, the item I've been begging AJHQ to add since I joined
      It looks like they are finally adding them! Great find, this might be AJHQ

  3. How to get kinda free chat in AJ for nm.

    1. go to parent dash and set 1 account as any language you know mostly.

    2. log on that account as everything will be in that language.

    3.log on as a spare account (make sure that your buddies with that spare or you could have a little trouble)

    4. Click the player tag of your spare and click "Follow Jammer" or whaterver.

    5. when you type you will see that when you type half of a word or close to it. (EXAMPLE: type "o" you will probobly get "oh" or "on".

    6. when you click that is should look like this, oonon or something like that. if you backspace it can be a little harder.


  4. "We can't replace items." *gives people items*
    "We can't restore deleted accounts." *restores deleted accounts*
    Oh AJHQ. When will you ever stop lying?

    1. There's even videos of people opening gifts AJHQ sent them as replacements

  5. Weird. I hope you can solve this mystery...

  6. http://johnfisherschool.org/sites/default/files/uploads/users/12/JFSPunctuate.jpg

    Punctuation saves lives

  7. Why aren't you posting my comments? :(

    1. I posted all the ones that showed up in my inbox

    2. You didn't post the one that had a link to a picture... Maybe it's in your spam inbox??

  8. Talking about that I got granted 5 diamonds once, for no reason <3


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