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Monday, March 23, 2015

Proof that AJHQ has the worst support system ever

So a while ago I posted >>This<<
That post is about a problem I have with my AJ accounts - basically they all got locked and I can't unlock them

Not too long ago I asked AJ to unlock them for me
After 7 replies they finally listened to my email and unlocked them for me. Great! 
A few days ago I asked them to unlock more of my accounts for me
This is what I said

Then I listed the accounts I wanted unlocked (one of which I wanted to give tom my friend because she wanted the name) but I cut that part out of the picture so no one steals the usernames

Since they were able to help me with the same problem before, I figured they'd know how to help this time. I was wrong to assume they'd actually read my emails and help...

Then they replied with this

They basically just asked me for the info I already gave them in my first email, meaning they payed no attention to the first one. I replied with the almost the same exact email I sent in the beginning

A few minutes ago they replied with this...
(I censored the usernames)

Yeah, that's what they did. They DELETED my AJ accounts because they didn't read my emails. They even said "a deleted account is not recoverable"

There wasn't anything (that I know of) on the accounts, I really just had them for the usernames. But the worst part is, it doesn't even let me remake them because "they are already taken"

They better have some compensation for this... I hope one day AJHQ gets a decent support team like they used to have

But this is AJHQ we're talking about

I wonder how badly Tawanda P messed up other people's requests

Not to mention the creepiness of the previous post that was posted by some guy that isn't even an author on here


  1. omg AJHQ DO YOU HAVE A BRAIN!!! Listen to people for once instead of what u bother to do....
    Why did they delete them U never said you wanted them deleted

  2. Ajhq what is wrong with you?! Why cant you just read!! :(

  3. Oh man do I have some stories to tel about their support... Even though some of them happened last summer I'm still furious about their responses. AJHQ support probably has to be the worst support I've ever gotten from any website.

  4. Did you have anything of value in them?

    1. I don't know
      AJ just emailed me back (that was fast) saying they restored the accounts but that makes no sense since they just told me they are non restorable
      I'll see for myself if they are actually back

    2. Alright the accounts are back somehow and they offered to give me 5 diamonds on any account
      They fixed the problem but they still lied to me
      At least that's one thing solved

  5. AJ is probably the game with least logic. Ironic because its like National Geographic/ animal and science facts etc


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