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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Shark Hats on other animals

Jammerjamis took off the shark hat unfortunately, but before they took it off I managed to get pictures of the shark hat on different animals due to a glitch!
Since we can see them on other animals it's revealed that they have noses and a fin which was probably obvious because sharks have those features

Here you go

And my personal favorite:

Some of the hat gets cut off in the animal picture so I took pictures of how they look in the circle preview thing

I never thought that when they finally added Shark Hats into the game that they'd actually look good
Well done AJHQ, now we just have to wait 3 months for them to get released


  1. I think the latest Wild Explorers episode may have hinted that SQURRILES will be the next animal? They would look superb!! ^.^

    1. hai tigerly :DDD
      can u continue posting on AJS? if the haters do come back, there will be lots of us who will fend them off, plz come back

  2. Hi nice to meet you

  3. The gold is not unreleased, colors look darker on turtles.

  4. I got a shark hat! Check it out I'm Intelligents


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