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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Some glitch pictures

Here's another post I'm going to use as filler

I think we're all tired of me repeating myself in every post, we all know why I'm posting random pictures by now so I'll skip the into and get right the pretty pictures
This time the pictures will all be of glitches

This is me playing The Search For Greely and hosting The Search For Greely at the same time. I also messed up the chat bubble by using the phantom emote

Here is the same thing but with me being a phantom

How is hosting an adventure within an adventure possible, you ask? I don't remember, you are asking the wrong person lol

The ocean adventure base camp place looks like this when its textures don't load

I think I posted that picture before but it never stopped being weird so I posted it again

My trade list glitched or something and I had 3 invisible items
The one I highlighted was a Cami's Frog and the name of it showed under the Add To Trade box

I tried to add a 5th picture but it wouldn't let me upload it for some reason so I'll find a way to shove it into the next post, don't worry

Random AJ pictures might be getting uninteresting (if they were even interesting before) but no one gave me ideas on new post themes so it's either this or no daily posts

I finished the new page for the most part, I just need some pictures of a few items but other than that it's done. Now I need to make the page for the unreleased and hacked items...

EDIT: It let me upload the picture:

I managed to open the box of chocolates in my inventory and it looked weird


  1. I like these kind of posts their intresting! And I rather have daily posts like these in stead of none

  2. I don't know if it's new news or not, but if you move your mouse somewhere when you scroll on your parties list then a smaller clone of the blue box appears under the original blue box thing and stuff
    Yes I'm even more rubbish at explaining stuff than you

    1. I noticed that too, I don't know why I never put it in a post

  3. lol how did u open the chocolate boxes?

    1. I don't even know, I think I just tried to put them in my den and they opened

  4. how did u do the last one

  5. I know how to do the first glitch (it happens to me all the time).
    All you have to do is host and adventure then quickly press play. Then when your in the adventure you should be hosting the adventure.
    (it might not always work)

  6. My box of chocolate did the same thing. It was weird...

  7. how do you turn into a phantom?

    1. In The Search For Greely adventure you can turn into a phantom

  8. chocolateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess


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