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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Super Pi Day

Congratulations, you survived another Friday the 13th! Now you get to be part of Saturday the 14th which also happens to be Super Pi Day which only happens once every 100 years (but the same can be said for every date, right?)

 There are 6 new Pi items in Jam Mart Furniture that will only be sold today and tomorrow
They will probably come back next year but I think It'd be cool if these were special items that aren't in adventures/never come back but this is AJHQ we're talking about
They are all nonmember items which is great, but the best part is you can change the color of some of them to minty fresh! Looks like I won't have any gems left after today

 I'll throw in a random picture of that valentine's adventure
I was in an English server and joined the adventure last month, and it put me in a Portuguese server

Based on the chat it looks like I wasn't the only one who got transferred to a foreign server


  1. Well, off to the games again XD
    Unless sekrit method on refreshing nice cold drink- catch my drift or I somewhat sound creepy lol

  2. Just found out I have a Pokemon that's only 2 years younger then I am. (It's 11 Years Old, oh wait now everyone knows Im 13, lol)

    1. Hey taco do you think a black long spiked collar is fair for a black tiki mask, ice Mira statue, 1st birthday cake, and pink forest walls? Someone traded that for my black long so I'm just wondering

    2. Value wise: Yes, the black tiki alone is way over.
      But due to popularity of Spikes, they're value is inflated roughly x50. Making the trade an under after popularity inflation. But without popularity inflation it's a great trade that your getting the good end of.

  3. That's happened to me too! One time I was at the Jam Session I was sent to Portugal and another time I was at the Friendship Festival Party thing. Someone JAGed me and I couldn't read it. I was using google translate and it was still so confusing!

  4. I went from two thousand something gems (I think 460) to 30...
    -Magical Icyjoy

  5. Lol I know what you mean I went to the jamaalaliday party or whatever it's called to do a video on it and it was in French ( The only french words I know are: Merci- thank you Bonjour- hello Orevua( idk how to spell it )- bye

  6. What about tau pi gets all the credit

  7. Omg! That happened to me at an Atlantic Party! Wish I had gotten a screenshot of it, but I was freaked out so I left. XD

  8. Pi is for your brain, Pie is for your mouth ^-^


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