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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


...real reason I'm making this post is to say I added a bunch more items to the Unreleased Items page!
The new items are at the bottom of that page
 The title for this post works because it starts off my first sentence and because of one of the pictures in this post It's actually 2 of the pictures but one doesn't count because it's a link

I was at my friend's friend's den and saw a classic AJ glitch - the misplaced carpet and wallpaper thing
I didn't know this could even still happen but I should have known that AJ doesn't update their system

 (Click pictures to biggify them)

Another picture of invisible people talking

I went to the same room with a storage and both of the invisible people showed up as eagles

Screenshot of the game of Pairs me and my dear friend #10396 had

 Everyone should sned #10396 all of ur rarez he's a good person

And now for the reasoning for the title of this post...
It's exactly what it looks like - I'm enjoying a lovely game of The
Only The showed up where it would normally say "The Amazing Shell Game" or whatever it usually says
Another weird thing about this picture is that it shows my seal wearing ocean clothing even though I'm in my land den


  1. I'm not surprised that AJ doesn't update their systems either, but it does make for some pretty cool pictures! I wish there was a glitch for wearing land items under the sea. I'm not that fond of the sea land/items.

  2. Replies
    1. What happened to everyone? There's usely a lot of comments

    2. I don't know either, I guess everyone realised there are better AJ blogs lol

  3. It showed my otter wearing my shark tooth necklace or whatever its called the first time I played pairs!


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