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Thursday, April 30, 2015

AJ Update April 30 2015 - The late update

Well, we did get an update today, it was just later than normal... so I wasn't here when the update happened : (
Surely because the update was late means they added a lot of stuff this update, right? Haha, nope
This update may just be worse than the infamous pony update... and that's saying something

Here's the Jamaa Journal

Page 1

That beach house den that Spirits Jamaa posted turned out to be real! I was right about it being 7 diamonds, but I still like the den

...that is until I previewed it. It's another one of those huge dens that you need a full inventory to decorate properly! Yay!

Don't be fooled, it really is another giant den. I really don't like those, but I assume somebody does, or else they wouldn't continue to make these giant dens

Page 2

We get to vote on the next den item set! This time we can vote for Mechanical Future, Excavation Site, or Sand Castle

Here are what all the new sets will look like

(Click to enlarge)

I'm voting for Mechanical Future in case anyone was wondering

Page 3

Cheetahs are coming back! I feel like they just left the diamond shop not too long ago... I'm guessing when these come back, it will be just like when any other animal comes back - people will go nuts about them on the first day, then everyone will forget about them the next day. It happened with just about every animal that they brought back so far

Page 4

Just an ad for Spring Bunnies. Expect that to be in every Jamaa Journal until July. So this Jamaa Journal basically only has 3 pages

The only thing not mentioned in the Jamaa Journal that was added was a new item in the overpriced shop

Spring Festival got removed and hasn't been replaced with a new monthly adventure. Maybe we will get a new adventure tomorrow, but probably not

And that's it. I'll give this update a 1 / 10
The only reason I didn't give it a 0 was because of the voting thing

AJ Update April 30th 2015- Another one of those nonexistant ones

Yes, you heard right - there was no update today
There's not even a new item! (unless that changes after I made this post)

Wow AJ
That also means I am reduced to posting more random pictures. Yay...

On this post on AJHQ's blog, they posted the final winner of the contest they were doing
They made artwork of the winner's animal

There's just one problem... they spelled her name wrong! They forgot the first C in Arctic
(i'd make a comment on the stereotypical arctic wolf look but not this time lol)

Someone wins a contest and was picked out of probably a million entries, you'd think the least they could do is spell their name right

This is an AJHQ message that was sent to everyone the other day

It's a completely random message... I find the wording in the first sentence to be a bit weird, but what's with the last sentence? All the pieces of Mystical Armor are all the same exact price as all the other armors in the Diamond Shop. Why are they saying jammers on a budget should start with those? That implies they are cheaper than the other armor

Here is a picture I took in October almost 4 years ago

It shows the door to the old medical center which is the only reason I'm putting it here. I'm still trying to find the music file for it so I can show everyone how unfitting and weird it was : (

And finally, an inventory glitch I had

You can see that a lot of my items were pink. That was because I was still in my "everything must be stereotypical girly pink" phase

That's all for now
Hopefully the update won't be delayed until next Thursday, but knowing AJHQ it almost certainly will be

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New den?

When llamas were revealed, the news spread fast. The same can be said for this new den we are probably getting tomorrow

We all remember the "coming soon" hint in the Jamaa Journal, right?
Here was the preview of... something

A YouTuber with the name Spirits Jamaa posted a video that contains pictures of an unreleased den. The den is suspiciously like the preview we got in the Jamaa Journal
  If you want to check out the video, click  >>HERE<<
(at least I think Spirits Jamaa was the original poster)

Here are the pictures in case AJHQ takes down the video. I doubt they will since the update is tomorrow, but you never know
Credit of course goes to Spirits Jamaa

The circle in the first picture is in the same location as the picture in the Jamaa Journal

If this is fake, it's a pretty good fake. We'll find out for sure if it's real tomorrow

Warning: Sort of rant incoming (it's not really a rant I was just typing my thoughts)
If it is real, I can almost guarantee it'll be in the diamond shop, probably for 7 diamonds
That brings me to another topic. New diamond shop pets and dens were never hinted in the Jamaa Journal. Maybe they were before I rejoined AJ, but after I rejoined they were never hinted. They were just kinda in every update as a surprise. Not that they were ever much of a surprise though. I think most of us already knew there'd be a new pet or den in every update by the way things were going (before you complain saying "OMG maluetta they werent in EVERY updat u nub" I know, I'm just trying to make my point stronger lol)
But now, they are starting to give us previews in the Jamaa Journal for the inevitable new diamond pets and dens. That makes the "coming soon" stuff really really predictable. I think they really just started doing that so they could use that as an excuse to make the Jamaa Journal not have repeated news. I don't really know what I'm trying to say here lol

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Item History - Tan Carpet

This might be the last Item History post I ever make. While I do enjoy making these types of posts, there aren't anymore items that have interesting pasts. I could do posts about the glitched Jamaaliday items but they'd be very short as they are newer items

Tan Carpet has the most interesting history in my opinion. At first it was nothing special. It was just another carpet you can have for your den. After beta is when Tan Carpet became a special and glitchy rare item. Unfortunately it lost its specialness as well as its rareness

Tan Carpet was first released in beta for 150 gems
(Picture from SagwaSunshine's video)

This is what it looked like when placed in your den

After beta ended, everyone's 3 floor beta dens got replaced with the small and basic nonmember dens we have today. There were no traces of the old beta dens to be seen :(

...At least that's what people thought
If you still had the Tan Carpet you bought in beta and tried to use it in your new basic den that nobody asked for, instead of covering up your floor the way it was supposed to... It would do this

Yes, it does look like a blob of weird fabric. But that strange shape does have an explanation - it is in the same shape as the beta den floors!
Take a look at this picture at the Beta Party (that featured the beta den)

If you look carefully, you can sort of see how the carpet would have fit in the beta den!
Here is the full view of what Tan Carpet looked like in the basic nonmember den

However, if you put Tan Carpet down in the Castle den, you'd be able to see more of the beta den floors

This was the top floor

This was the middle floor
And this was the bottom floor

The Tan Carpet "blobs" in the Castle den were all placed exactly where the floors were in the beta den
The middle floor was also the one that showed in the basic den. Interestingly, the basic den version of Tan Carpet didn't show the outline of the ladder and was missing a chunk at the bottom

Here's a picture of the Beta Party that shows the ladder and the chunk on the bottom

And here is a picture of the top floor at the Beta Party that matches up with the ladder part of the top floor tan carpet picture

Sometime after beta (I'm not exactly sure when) a new flooring called Brown Tile was released. It's believed that Brown Tile was meant to be a "fix" for Tan Carpet. It looked like this (and still does)

Even though they added Brown Tile, they never removed/replaced Tan Carpet. Tan Carpet itself was very rare in 2010, 2011, and 2012. There were only about 7 or 8 of them in the game. Since they were so connected to the beta dens, were glitched, and were so rare, they were a lot of peoples' dream items
This is what it looked like on a trade list

Unfortunately, sometimes in 2013 or 2014 (I'm not sure which year it was because I wasn't there) Tan Carpet got fixed. Since then it will no longer take shape of the beta den's floor when placed in the basic den or castle den. Instead, it is now exactly like Brown Tile. The only difference is Tan Carpet is still a nonmember item
Its item icon now looks like this

The icon is pretty much the same as it used to be, but bigger
Tan Carpet lost its specialty as well as its rarity. Some people will argue that it's still pretty rare, however it's available in The Forgotten Desert and was also available in TBA

Before I end the post, I'd just like to clear up that if you tried to place Tan Carpet in a den that wasn't the basic den or castle den, it would just be invisible (almost as if you had no flooring being used)

My thoughts on why it only showed up in those two dens were because they were the first two dens other than the beta dens. Those two dens must've had some leftover code from the beta dens

Monday, April 27, 2015

Some of my old animal looks

The title of this post was originally "fREE SPEIK COLAr!!!" because an anonymous commenter said that would be a good title for a post but I decided to change it

I'm going to mix it up today and do something most people probably wouldn't think of doing because it's boring! I'm going to show pictures of some of my old outfits and judge them

1st we have my old wolf, Snowflake Snowymoon
(You can probably tell it's a wolf named Snowflake Snowymoon, I didn't need to tell you that lol)

I could've sworn the name was Empress Snowymoon. Maybe I had another world with that name, I don't know
This was one of my better outfits. The items go with the colours of my wolf but don't blend in (like the rhino below)
That viking helmet was one of the rarest ones so I probably made the outfit to be a showoff without knowing it lol

I don't remember ever making that rhino or ever using it... ever
All of the items use the same shade of green so it almost looks like they blend in with each other. The items are also really random. Here is what I was probably thinking when I made this rhino
"Hey, I have 4 random green items! I'll shove them on a random animal and call it an outfit"

I can't tell if I love this koala or hate it... I gave it no eyes so the skull helmet looked like its eyes, and I used the skirt because koalas with skirts look like they are floating when they face the screen. Or at least they did, I don't know if they changed that or not. The idea was to make a creepy koala. Did I fail? Maybe

More evidence of the top hat obsession. It's slightly different than the one I used in the banner I posted yesterday. I don't dislike this look, but it's definitely not my favorite of the top hat bunnies

Good ol' pilgrim hats I miss when those were relevant
I made this look after I got my first pilgrim hat that someone gave me a long time ago (thanks PartyShark I still remember your name after all these years) I used this bunny as my main animal for a while
Looking at it now it's a horrible choice for a main animal. It looks too plain to me. Maybe it looked better outside of the switch animals screen

And finally... that thing
I don't know what I was thinking. Why did I use that helmet on a mainly purple bunny? Just why!? I'm thinking I was using it to test a glitch or something and never took it off. If that's the case I wonder what head item I used to have on... Probably something else unfitting
This could've also been the remnants of a fashion show bunny. It has the same name and elf cuffs as the old creature mask bunny, so maybe I changed it to this for a fashion show? But what theme would this even fit? Unless the theme was "purple bunny with unfitting elf bracelets and astronaut helmet" I definitely lost

Feel free to steal these outfits, though I don't know why you'd want to

Sunday, April 26, 2015

How do I make cool titles again?

EDIT: I forgot to mention there will be no new Breadstick posts for a while

I finished some of the edit requests, so if you want to see those, go to that page I made yesterday
I'll post my favorite one so far here

It's a black turquoise ring!
I closed the requests for now and I'll reopen them when I finished with most of the other ones . That, or I'll get overwhelmed, delete the page, and pretend like I never made it. Hey, I did that with the Q & A page I made :)


Remember that Top Hat obsession I said I had? I was so crazy about top hats that I traded for one of each colour and made it into a banner for the top of the blog in 2012

This was when top hats were actually rare (especially brown and dark blue, there were only like 15 of each)
Yeah, crazy... I doubt anyone wants to know how I got all of the top hats lol

I wonder what it would look like now if I used it as a banner... hey, let's find out!

The answer? Terrible, of course!

It was probably made for an older layout I used in 2012 where it would actually look not terrible
Nah, it would look terrible in any layout ♥︎

Because all this blog has been in the past week is just posts with random pictures, here is another one for you

That was some glitch that used to happen when you opened a shop after a new item came out... I think
Sadly it didn't let anyone keep the 99 million gems :(

Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Page + SmartFox again

So I made a new page which you can get to by clicking on the picture of the turquoise glove on the left sidebar or in this post

The page shows off some of my not so good AJ edits. All of them have been posted here before but the real purpose of the page is for people to submit requests. Let's say you want to see a picture of a pink Phantom Hat. Just leave a comment saying that on the page and I'll make it... maybe
I might actually just delete the page later lol


There's finally some actual news in AJ! It probably doesn't count as news to most people but it's the closest thing to news we've gotten in the past few days
You remember SmartFox right? The monkey with the mysterious name?

Apparently Smart Fox is a company that has something to do with AJ's servers. If that's the case AJHQ probably gave them special privileges... but not free membership for some reason
Someone anonymous said they searched SmartFox and they just show up as a wolf with a not unusual name

If this really was some special account owned by that company, why did AJHQ "fix" the animal name? But if they hacked, why did AJHQ just fix the name and not ban them? The mystery that I'm looking into way too deeply continues!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Question + more pictures

The real point of this post is to ask anyone who feels like answering a question. If I just made a post with a question and put nothing else in it it would obviously be way too short of a post. To fix that I shoved more random images into this post

Here's the question:

You see a new player (or someone who doesn't know anything about rare items) with an extremely rare item. Would you try to trade them something very cheap/common for the item knowing they'd get ripped off?

I don't know how a new player would even get an extremely rare item (like a milky tiara) in the first place, but that's not the point. I'm just curious to see what people would do. Would you try to rip them off or tell them it's really rare and they shouldn't trade it?

Anyway, here are the random images I promised

I don't remember the story behind this one but it's pretty weird

There is some kind of poster that looks like the icon for one of AJ's den musics in someone's den
I don't know why the picture has "Gagg" or "Gag9" written over it but I'm guessing it has to do with who sent the picture in
It could just be an edit, but it's a pretty good edit if it is

This is how Jamaaliday Bows looked when they were first made to have 3D item icons

IIRC Jamaaliday Bows were some of the last items to get 3D makeovers. For whatever reason the bows didn't stay like this for long

Someone sent in a picture of a "glitch" hoping to get their picture featured on this blog a few years ago

What they really did was opened MS Paint, put black circles/boxes around random things, then sent it in trying to get me to believe it was some kind of bizarre glitch. You can clearly see the Paint icon on the bottom lol
If you look closely you can even see they accidentally drew over part of the paw on their nametag to they "fixed" it with more paint

I got a good laugh out of it at least lol

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Jamaaliday Jam

These are some pictures of a party I went to at a Jamaaliday Jam in 2011. I don't remember what the occasion was but some of the well known people were there. Most/all of those people aren't that known at all anymore though :(

You can click on any of these to make them bigger

There was something about a colour war and pink was winning

Yeah, I don't know either. And what's with my horrible outfit? Only my 2011 self can answer that

This party happens to be the same party where I got the picture of the glitchy green viking helmet
Here was the full picture

People were talking about toilets for some reason. I don't know why I am saying "I have at least 10" in the picture but I wasn't talking about toilets

Not sure what's going on here but I noticed something about the parties menu

The party times are really spaced out! Nowadays there's always a new party every 30 minutes
In the above picture there's a bunny saying "ok dark let me start lol"
I think that's what started the "let's try on each other's rare stuff" thing

DarkBraken is who they were referring to. I'm not sure but it might've been DarkBraken's party in the first place

Darkey trusted me enough to let me try on her dark blue top hat which was one of the rarest items in the game. Remember, this was 2011

If I posted this back then I would've gotten called a bragger but I think I'm safe now because top hats aren't even rare anymore

I was so top hat obsessed lol

I took lots of pictures of me wearing said top hat because that's what nerds do when they get a s00p3r r4r3 item

Of course I sent it back right after because I'm not rotten scammer lol
I don't recommend letting people try on your items though. You know, because the person might just run off with your item
Although certain events happened like a month or some other time unit after that party that made me regret sending it back... No, not because I wanted to be a rare showoffy person who scams. Let's just say me and a lot of her friends lost trust in her there's a whole lot more to the story tho
But that's a story for another day, if I ever decide to post it. I think she wants what happened to be forgotten

That party was the origin of this picture I made

And yes, it was meant to be a terrible edit. I used the picture of the top hat being sent to me and pasted it on a picture of a Flag in stores. Why? I honestly have no idea. Sometimes I just make terrible edits just to laugh at them. I might be the only one who finds terrible edits to be funny though : (