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Thursday, April 16, 2015

AJ Update April 16 2015

It might not seem like it but this could be one of AJ's most important updates! This update brought AJHQ the ability to make big updates without needing to go offline in maintenance mode! Unless I'm completely wrong by saying that but I didn't notice any maintenance mode. The thing I posted a few weeks ago sort of supports what I said here

Here's the Jamaa Journal

Page 1

The "coming soon" thing was just pet geckos... Not that I'm sad about that, geckos are awesome. I'm just slightly disappointed that they created such hype over a new pet that a lot of people already knew about
As usual, they're in the Overpriced Shop

Page 2

If you use a membership gift card from now until July, you'll get some special edition bunny and some carroty den items! They threw the word "free" in there but we all know it ain't free

It looks like that flower bunny glitch was in fact an unfinished version of a special edition animal

That's exactly what I was hoping it would be! Too bad I just used my membership card before this update : (
I haven't seen anyone with the new bunny yet

Page 3

They brought back the Cruise Ship Party for no apparent reason and polar bears are gone
The party is the same as it's always been

Just like last time there are two shops and they are also exactly the same as last time

For anyone who doesn't know, the shops are that cash register and the bar table thing with the sale sign and bottled ship

The cashey machine shop sells a Smoothy Machine

And the other shop sells this stuff

Page 4

Earth Day banners are now scattered around Jamaa. I think they're in the same exact places as the internet safety banners

Also an ad for Best Guess
I won't count it as repeated news because they claim they added more "cool" questions

Page 5

This... My guess on what this is is a new overpriced den that's too big to decorate! Yay!
It could also be yet another Crystal Sands remodel but I kinda doubt that. There IS what looks like a volcano in the background which old Crystal Sands did have, but the ocean is facing the wrong way for it to be a Crystal Sands remake. Also since the last "coming soon" hint was just something they usually put in the diamond shop with no hints whatsoever (a pet) I'm starting to think they will now give hints for every new pet and overpriced den. If that's the case, the "coming soon" things will be even more predictable than they already are

There are four new loading screens that are surprisingly cute

Especially that last one. That tiger pet is super adorable! These replace the snowy ones and are more fitting for the season

In the Diamond Shop you can now buy Spring Festival's music

And that's it

Page 2 of the Jamaa Jounral is animated so I made a gif of if

Since I'm feeling nice I'm giving this update a 7.8 and not because of too much water


  1. Nice update but nothing special for non members............... Eventually its God for members

  2. I think it's a new underwater land. The white deck on the left looks like Tierney's Aquarium then the right side kind of looks like the Canyons Pathway

  3. I was really hoping for the Geckos to be gem animals, not another of the diamond shop pets. Well at least their is a new party, and probably will be another den (it would be diamonds most likely though). I personally don't care for this update.

  4. I HOPE IT IS A NEW LAND I AM GOING TO EXPODE!!!!!!!! *explosion GIF*

  5. invodismo has a spring bunny

  6. *Slow clap*
    You used the IGN joke.

  7. Someone offered a Reward Plaque for my Royal Garden, should I say yes or no?

    1. I'd say yes but it's your call
      I'm guessing you know reward plaques are likely cheated in so if you don't care about having a hacked item then go for it

    2. Exactly. I told them I'd think about it since I think Rewards are going to be removed.

  8. Mel! Someone found unreleased kinda tropical sounding music in AJ! They have it as an unlisted video on there YouTube Channel! Here it is!

    1. Hey at least it wasn't this

    2. Well, there goes tomorrows comment idea.

    3. You could find a remix of it and use that tomorrow

    4. Nah, Ill think of something more creative hopefully.

    5. Waits for reply to the effect of "I can hardly wait"

    6. I look forward to your hopefully non predictable thing

  9. I saw someone with a spring bunny :D

  10. @AJHQ

    You keep saying that word... I do not not think it means what you think it means.

  11. I think it's a land hopefully not a new diamond den or else I'm gonna die

  12. When I logged in I got the cheetah loading screen and I was like what the heck when I saw it XD
    Overall I will give this update a 2.1/10
    Seriously, there is NOTHING new for non members. That's MEAN. Non members are human. They just don't have membership. GET A LIFE AJHQ

    1. Non members can get lawn chairs from the cruise party
      But you're right, I think AJ should at least let nonmembers switch between 4 different colors of items

  13. The bunny's cutie eyes are so scary... ITS A VAMPIRE IN DISGUISEEEEEEEE
    RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!! 😮😮😮


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