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Thursday, April 2, 2015

AJ Update April 2 2015

This update has the stuff that the >>spoiler newspaper<< that I posted about the other day had in it. This update doesn't have too much to offer but at least it's better than that horrible pony update

Here's the Jamaa Journal

Page 1

As expected, the new adventure is called Spring Festival and you have to find 100 eggs to get prizes
You can find it in the Parties menu

I'll have a post with all the prizes for it later

Page 2

The final den item set from that vote thing is finally getting released! Deep Space items are now available at Jam Mart Furniture

Page 3

RIP in peace, polar bears :(

Page 4

This is that "coming soon" thing that was hinted in the spoiler newspaper. It looks to me like geckos are coming soon, probably in the form of pets. They haven't really teased new pets like this in a long time, so maybe it isn't a new pet?

That's all for the Jamaa Journal, now let's get to the new items

In Treetop Gardens...

New Sweet Pea flowers! At least I think those are new...

Edit: There's another new deep space item in Jam Mart Furniture

And a new claw at the Diamond Shop!

Something else I noticed is those invisible items are still for sale even though yesterday they said "Last day!"

Classic glitchy AJ

I give this update a...

4 / 10
The only thing it really added was the new adventure, so... yeah


  1. I didn't think it was too great either. The pea flowers are cool! I'm really hoping the new animal/pet is like a snake, or a dinosaur! Probably won't be, but I don't particularly like the idea of playable geckos as characters. I don't know! You're probably right though! It's definitely some type of lizard.

    1. There are footprints so I don't think it'll be a snake

  2. Mel, the recycling glitch has been patched

    1. The rare + diamond sign has gone, but when you view someone's trade list, then all the diamond shop items have a diamond icon!

  3. When is playwild coming out? It's due to come out in April here's the link...

  4. There were a few pictures about a month or so ago on instagram showing leaked pictures of a pet gecko. The only pictures of it were of it being received as a gift with a create button. My guess is it'll be like the pet polar bears where you have to buy a membership to get them.

    1. I saw the pictures, I just think it's odd that there are giving hints to a new pet. They haven't done that in a long time. The pets we've been getting were just kind of there when a new update happened

  5. That white bunny looks sorta like the albino bunny on Tunnel Town.

  6. I think the walls in the April Fools Party are unreleased, unless i'm not paying attention..

  7. ya here's a pic of the diamond icon:


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