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Thursday, April 30, 2015

AJ Update April 30th 2015- Another one of those nonexistant ones

Yes, you heard right - there was no update today
There's not even a new item! (unless that changes after I made this post)

Wow AJ
That also means I am reduced to posting more random pictures. Yay...

On this post on AJHQ's blog, they posted the final winner of the contest they were doing
They made artwork of the winner's animal

There's just one problem... they spelled her name wrong! They forgot the first C in Arctic
(i'd make a comment on the stereotypical arctic wolf look but not this time lol)

Someone wins a contest and was picked out of probably a million entries, you'd think the least they could do is spell their name right

This is an AJHQ message that was sent to everyone the other day

It's a completely random message... I find the wording in the first sentence to be a bit weird, but what's with the last sentence? All the pieces of Mystical Armor are all the same exact price as all the other armors in the Diamond Shop. Why are they saying jammers on a budget should start with those? That implies they are cheaper than the other armor

Here is a picture I took in October almost 4 years ago

It shows the door to the old medical center which is the only reason I'm putting it here. I'm still trying to find the music file for it so I can show everyone how unfitting and weird it was : (

And finally, an inventory glitch I had

You can see that a lot of my items were pink. That was because I was still in my "everything must be stereotypical girly pink" phase

That's all for now
Hopefully the update won't be delayed until next Thursday, but knowing AJHQ it almost certainly will be


  1. I would not be surprised. Do you think AJ picks winners by their looks? Or the fact that they are member? I haven't seen any non member winners yet.

  2. Well I must say ajhq is not at all good, they don't even allow us to type but if you don't have free chat,
    Let hackers in,
    And now they r letting us type bad words,,,,,
    Seriously and I don't rlly mind if they don't update coz there's nothing gonna be so good for me as a non member

    1. If it makes you feel any better, there was nothing good for members either

  3. Lol I lost my membership today and relized I only have 7 nm items.....

  4. I was SOOO excited for the update, and look what we got.. NOTHING.. AJHQ are lazy and should get off their butts and WORK for once!-spiritcloud721

  5. The weird thing I noticed is AJHQ posted on the daily explorer about the beach house in the diamond shop that doesn't exist it says
    "Jammers! The BEACH HOUSE DEN is now available in the DIAMOND SHOP!!!" I wonder what else was suppose to be in this update

  6. "Arctic" is always spelled "Artic" on Animal Jam, You can check for yourself >.<

    1. AJHQ usually spells it correctly though


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