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Monday, April 13, 2015

Item History - Gloves

Like most of the items that I feature on Item History, Gloves were first sold in beta for an incredibly low price
(Picture credit: SagwaSunshine)

Never again would we get items as cheap as the original gloves :(
Gloves quickly became one of the most popular items. They were pretty popular even before the trading system came out in early 2011. Since we had to trade through Jam a Grams, and everyone wanted gloves, a lot of people lost their gloves due to scams

Grey gloves were really common, about as common as any Spiked Collar is now Wait nevermind nothing is that common lol You couldn't be cool unless you have at least one glove, just like how you're not cool unless you have 27 spiked collars (don't take that seriously, you don't need spiked collars to be cool lol)

A lot of AJ bloggers made posts about glove controversy and how "they aren't worth it" and whatever. There were also tons of rumors floating around about how "gloves are coming back next week" and  stuff like that

If someone had a nonmember glove, chances are it was a grey one. I've seen people trade 2 or more grey gloves for a white one
All of the nonmember gloves other than grey were called "colored gloves" by the jammers of AJ. Some colored gloves were even valued to be worth some Halloween masks!

I don't have pictures of all the original icons, but I have these:

From least valued to most valued, here is the order the different colors were valued in in 2010/the first half of 2011:
Grey, White, Pink, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Cream

That order might not be entirely accurate, but remember, everyone values items differently. I remember green and cream gloves being at about the same value. The same thing goes for red and blue

Because gloves were so popular, the first Monthly Member Gifts on May 25th were based off the original gloves. There were now Dragon, Mummy, Lava, and Legendary gloves. Some people would trade their beta gloves for these new members ones. The Legendary Gloves were valued the highest, so if you wanted to get a nonmember glove for a member glove, you'd need a legendary glove most of the time. The 4 new glove types also brought two new terms to the people of AJ, "nm gloves" and "member gloves" (before that people just said "gloves")

On September 1st of 2011, I posted about some rumors I got told about. Gloves coming back "soon" was one of those rumors. An update happened that same day, coincidentally bring back nonmember gloves! This was presumably to celebrate AJ's first birthday. They were on one of the last pages of Jam Mart Clothing on clearance

The default colour of Gloves got changed to purple for some reason. When they were first sold in beta, they were only 45 gems. They multiplied the original price by 55.55! A lot of people (including me) thought they'd only be in stores for one day. I even emailed AJHQ and asked them if that was true but I just got an unhelpful robotic response. They ended up staying in stores for 2 weeks. Being the nerd and hoarder I am, I ended up buying about 10 of each color of glove. That's 200,000 gems, and I might've even bought more than that. Don't ask how I got that many gems in 2 weeks, I honestly don't know

After gloves came back for the first time, they got the same treatment as Elf Bracelets. People stopped caring about the once most popular item in the game because they stopped being rare. A lot of people stole wore them, but not nearly as many people were willing to trade for them compared to how high in demand they were before

AJHQ still thought people liked gloves, so they were brought back again on February 6th 2012 as the first Rare Monday item

The default color of Gloves once again got changed, this time to white. Why? Probably to let nonmembers get a different colour option

It was only available for one day this time because it was a Rare Monday item. They came back once again along with Medusa Masks in Febraury 16 2012's update because of a bug that still happens (sometimes items that get removed from stores come back for a few hours when a new update happens)

And so ended any rarity gloves had left. Their popularity died out even more, and now they are as unpopular and forgotten as they are now. Just like the poor Elf Bracelets and basically any item that was rare in 2011 lol

Sometime around when gloves came back for the third time, they got a slight name change. They used to be called Gloves since they were first sold in beta, but their name got changed to Glove in early 2012, maybe sooner

In late 2012 (or in 2013) they had another name change, this time becoming Rare Glove. The rare tag was also added to it

Somewhat recently, AJHQ tried to push gloves again. November 20 2014's update brought new colours of nonmember gloves

They were in Jam Mart Clothing and only stayed for a few weeks

I still see a few of the new gloves here and there, but I hardly ever see any of the old ones being worn. I'm just waiting for spiked collars to get the glove treatment - one day they're the most popular item, and the next day everyone forgets about them. I wonder what the next most popular item will be. Let's make it shark hats

Edit: In 2011, golden gloves were on a poll. The poll question was what item you'd want to see available in The Claw. The golden gloves didn't win but they were eventually put in Epic Wonders


  1. I'm not completely against spikes cause I do have one my self, its pink and blue cause I'm rainbow dash didn't you know that? So I try to use beards or heart lockets instead of spikes. I also sometimes use scarves

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