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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Item History - Welcome Mats

This Item History post is shorter than normal because there isn't enough interesting facts about Welcome Mats. I still wanted to post this because it has had changes over the years
Welcome Mats were first released in beta for 75 gems. They originally looked like this in dens

On the AJ update of January 5th 2012, Welcome Mats got new colors you can choose from. Before this update, they were only available in the default blue/brown
The update also changed the default color, making it green

This was probably a bug. I say that for a few reasons:
-It later got changed back to the original default
-A lot of people were telling me they were glitched. I'll post some of the comments I got here
You can click on the dates to go to the post with the comment on it to prove that I didn't make this up (although for all you know I could have written them as an anon back then lol)

There are new welcome mats but there is something wrong. I have a welcome mat from the years before and when i went to my den it was a different color
i got a green welcome mat today and it turned white!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought there were more comments like that but apparently not

Around the same time (it might've been in the same update) the old default Welcome Mat got its colours changed

It might be a little hard to notice, but the shading is different or something
I'll put the two pictures next to each other so you can compare

(The new one is on the left)
The only pictures I have of the new and old ones are faced in different directions so it makes it harder to compare, sorry :(

And that's basically it. I'm still not 100p sure Welcome Mats were sold in beta. I couldn't find any beta screenshots of it and I wasn't a beta player, but according to my beta friend it was sold in beta. And in Jam Mart Clothing it's mixed in with the other beta items, so I don't know

Shoutout to _UltraEz_ for being awesome even though you don't read this blog or play AJ as far as I know

One more thing - does anyone want more Top 5/Top 10/Top14/TopWhatever lists like the previous post? They are slightly fun to make but I don't know if they are slightly fun to read. If not I might just spam Item History or AJ History posts


  1. I'd love a Top 10 post about annoying stuff AJHQ has done/does. Wait, maybe make that a Top 100 post.

    1. I don't think I could pick a top 10 for that, there are way too many

    2. Haha I know right! But seriously, I think the old Welcome mat looked better, added a rustic feel to it. Why do they have to change perfectly good stuff!

  2. LeedleLeedleLeedleApril 9, 2015 at 4:13 AM

    You could do a Top 10 post about the most over rated items.

  3. Interesting I never knew that! Thanks Mel!
    You should make a top 10 post of the worst glitches

  4. I came during the time of the green mats. I remember them changing and I was like "what the heck? I want my old mat back!" Cause I think they changed the ones in your inventory too.

    I think top....... Will be great! It wasn't boring at all. As soon as I saw the title, I knew that yeti thingy would be in there xD!

  5. I remember the green welcome mats. :P

  6. Yusss I love ur top ten lists ur my am idol :) BTW I was the person who talked about how am makes glitches items on purpose

  7. Yes yes YES! I love the "top..." posts! I never thought about this Welcome Mat business, and I do see the difference between the old and new one, cool!

  8. do more top 10 lists!


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