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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Old Daily Explorer Stuff

I tried going to the old Daily Explorer site, blog.animaljam.com to look back at AJHQ's old posts. You know, when they weren't written by baby cats
Nowadays all they do is spam emotes, spam !!!!!!!!, and spam ?????????
Their old posts used to be very short, usually 1 or 2 sentences long, but they were actually written by non-cat people (no offense to cats, I'm sure cats could write better posts than me and newHQ lol)
Unfortunately if you try to go to the old URL now, it redirects you to the new one. AJ trying to cover up its past, I see : (

But because the internet is (sometimes) such a lovely place, an internet time machine exists known as WayBack Machine. You can use this site to look at how websites looked in the past. It's pretty cool, yes
(and no they aren't paying me to advertise them or anything lame like that)

If you go >>Here<< you can see AJ's old version of the Daily Explorer

I'll let you explore that on your own but I want to point out some things that I found interesting

First there's this

It's a picture of the Leap Year Party as well as the parties menu being completely filled up with the party
I didn't have a picture of that in my Leap Year post, so if you wanted t see it, there you go

Next there's >>this post<< that shows the mysterious phantom portal in a den

There's also a mistake post they made a long time ago when Rare Arctic Coats were released. You can find the edited version of that post >>here<<

Not only did they advertise a regular Arctic Hood instead of the rare version, but the item that was for sale was a Rare Arctic COAT! They fixed it shortly after. A week later they reposted the Arctic Hood post and fixed the picture

>>Click<< to go to the post on the Daily Explorer (even though it's exactly the same as the picture I just posted lol)

I couldn't find the post for this one, but take a look at this giraffe artwork they posted

There's a mistake in this picture, can you see it?
Of course you can't see it, it's missing! The tree in the middle of the picture has no stem, it's just a floating bush

I don't know if they edited the post or not, but they fixed the tree in later versions of the drawing

The last I'm pointing out is how The Daily Explorer didn't always have daily posts. I used to call it The Bi-Weekly Explorer because of how badly it lived up to its name

RIP Daily Explorer 2012 - Whenever the !!!???s attacked


  1. Cool!I really wondered what the old daily explorer was like I will tell all my friends to look at this awesome blog!~ Blusky77

  2. I I think the !!!!!???? Attacked in 2014. But I agree there posts are spammed up with !!! ???? Like do you know how to ride a bike?!?! Help me please!!!!!
    Today is the new rare happy face!!!!!!!!! Buy it today!!!!!!! Before times runs out!!!!

  3. Don't worry, us cats are not offended!!!!!!! :D

  4. WayBack Machine is a hacking site, you know that right Mel?

    1. If you think it hacks into websites to archive them, that's not how it works
      Plus it's been around since 1996, if it was they would've shut it down by now

  5. i miss reading the daily explorer posts, back when i wouldn't have seizures from the hundreds of emotes.

    p.s. I wanted to thank you for linking one of my posts.:D

  6. It's Blingy D00dsApril 11, 2015 at 6:47 PM

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS post IS amazing!!!!!!!!!!! What do YOU guys THINK?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

  7. Ugh... My family is making me go to bed early and I hate it. They don't understand... Or understand me... I'm a night owl and they just don't get it... I'm kind of sad about it :(

    1. Aww
      This is probably a stupid question but did you try explaining to them? If that doesn't work you can try just not sleeping and then sleep during the day tomorrow to prove your point
      actually most of the time advice from me isn't that great lol

    2. Yeah I did but they said that it's not normal and that it's better for me if I go to bed early and get up early... And yeah I could do that but I don't know...

    3. And they are disconnected the TV too, so now I can't watch tv :( in really sad and just feel like my world is falling apart... Not to mention the fact that my friend just betrayed me... I don't know what to do :(

    4. Can you still watch videos online? I usually find youtube videos more entertaining than TV but that's just me
      At least you aren't alone, that's exactly how I feel too. A lot of my "friends" who I thought were great loving people like to betray me : (


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