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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Old Item Icons

No one in the comments of last post objected to this, so here you go, some item icons from 2010/2011/2012
These are all from before item icon turned all 3D on us without warning in some update. I was hoping when that update came out that they would eventually put a switch that can change the looks of items back to the old way but it looks like my nerdtacular dream will never come true :(

These are all pictures I took in 2011 (one or two of them were sent in by friend)
Most of the pictures I had were really sloppy like this

And others had incomplete borders, so I cleaned them up so each one has 1 pixel wide border

Bat Mask

Mech Angel Helmet

Rhino Helmet


Skull Helmet

(missing skull helmets with green eyes and pink eyes)


The Claw

I was going to include boring facts about these items but I'll spare you from that bit of boredom : )

Does anyone want more of these? I still have a lot of these (I took pictures of most of the rare items for the old item database I had)


  1. Awesome! I like these kinds of posts! Also, could you maybe do a history of Worn Blankets, or the ICE MIRA STATUE!? I would REALLY love it! Thanks!

    1. The problem with those items is they don't have anything that cool in their past. All I'd really be able to post for worn blankets ks "This item first came out on this date then got re-released on this date" and for ice mira statue I'd have even less to write because it came out in eagle quest and hasn't been anywhere else since

    2. The Mira statue came out on the eagle adventure?

    3. OMG your pic is so sweeeeeeet!!
      Also, the blue headdress looks like the modern one...

    4. Yes, unless it came out in stores in 2013 but from what I've read it was first introduced in eagle adventure along with long bows

    5. That would be because I messed up and put the wrong picture up
      I'll fix it

  2. They all looked so cool and Jamish before they got edited

  3. "nerdtacular" - awesome word!

    1. One day I will get that in the dictionary

  4. dfghjk lol i had to say something


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