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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Festival Adventure + Prizes

The next monthly adventure is here!

When you start it you'll get an introduction from Lolly the chocolate bunny

Your goal is to find 100 eggs
Some of them are well hidden and others are pretty obvious

You'll be given two prizes (one nonmember prize and one member prize) after you collected your 15th, 35th, 65th, 85th, and 100th egg

There are also 7 golden eggs with a different set of prizes in them. Some of them require 4 people to get

These require 4 players to dance on daisy platforms

If you can get four people, a flower staircase will bloom

Climb up the flower stairs and you'll get to open a golden egg!

...or you could just use an owl or eagle if you have one and fly over

If you try to click the golden egg, you'll get this

It looks like they forgot to change the words "treasure chests" to "golden eggs"

There is one water lily that requires 4 players to hop on lily pads

It will then bloom, revealing a golden egg

Eagles and owls can't fly over this one, they will have to hop too!

You can use watering cans to water certain plants and get golden eggs too

If you see a sprout like this...

Use your watering can to make it grow, revealing another golden egg!

5 of the golden eggs are from watering plants, 1 is for the hopping lily, and the other 1 is for the dancing daisy thing

There's gem chests around the map too, which give you, well, gems

And now for the interesting part - the prizes!
You can mouse over any of them to see its item name

This list is not complete, but I'll add more pictures as I get new prizes

Member Prizes

Nonmember Prizes

If you have or know of any items from this adventure that aren't listed here, please let me know


  1. I earned butterfly wall art is that from the treasure chests, the golden eggs or the given rewards?

  2. This adventure puts me off thinking about the last one T-T I don't think I'm even gunna try and play lol

    1. It's not as frustrating as the last one in my opinion

    2. The clover keys 1 was SOOOOOO hard! I couldn't complete it b/c, well, FRUSTRATION!

  3. either that- or i'm just not excited as i was when the Valentine's Day adventure first released

  4. Add Flower in Vase (nm), Flower Wind Chime (m), Daisy Stone Pathway (m), Petunia Flower Bed (nm), Gazebo (m), Daisy Wall Art (nm), Circular hedge (nm),
    Lily Pad Table (m) and more
    What's the AJF's email so I can send the pictures of the Gazebo and Daisy Stone Pathway because those were the only ones I kept?

  5. It's Blingy D00dsApril 2, 2015 at 7:55 AM

    Tbh, AJ should release a proper adventure since we haven't had one for a while. The types of adventures they're releasing right now are pretty much all the same.

    1. At least Jamaaliday Rescue and Twists And Turns were mazes

  6. I know there is a cascading lily and a circular wind chime in the members.

  7. how come there are so many more member prizes compared to nonmember? do you get a different item each time you find all 100 eggs or???

    1. I've gotten 3 different items when I found all the eggs
      [img]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-mCotSg2MxLc/VRzyr0Y4LzI/AAAAAAAARAQ/fV8vaeSrz5w/s1600/pile%2Bof%2Beggs.png[/img] [img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FjuO4GfuUWA/VR0FIf_XUrI/AAAAAAAARE0/sVhQ7jXw32Q/s1600/golden%2Begg%2Bprize.png[/img] [img]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-0g__jqX33NE/VRzylOLxaTI/AAAAAAAARAI/c0joYTpfw1E/s1600/egg%2Bon%2Bdisplay.png[/img]

  8. Did you know that the zany item, wacky item, and silly item are still in shop even though yesterday they said it was the last day? ;_;

  9. I got a red/pink circular wind chime and cattail lamp. I didn't get the wreath or the window.

  10. I keep getting mushrooms and I have about 10 now. EVERY time I reach 80 eggs, my computer lags then freezes. 😡

  11. Cascading lily pls

  12. How can i get the flower chandiler

  13. got an egg pile after getting all 100 eggs. dont bother wasting your time on this adventure

  14. can someone gift me the nm egg set and the rainbow egg pestel i always send gift back my use is lacy4953

  15. I just love the daisy wall art :)

  16. i have an egg chair (member) -spiritcloud721

  17. I don't bother playing it, on the Lucky Clovers it took me 2 hours to get the Epic Key and when I opened it I got..... A pink tie T-T I don't bother playing this cause at the end I will surely get a crappy prize....

    1. At the end you get either a pile of eggs and an egg on display or a pile of eggs and a golden egg. You can't get something like that those are the only things you can get.

    2. Can confirm this, the only items you can get from this adventure are exclusive to the adventure

  18. I only need 5:
    Spring Window
    Spring Flower Wreath
    Watering Pail Planter
    Circular Wind Chime
    Cascading Lily
    If you have any of these to trade me please jamagram me I am pirate151 thank you!

  19. This adventure is so hard! Stuck on 98 eggs!! AUHHHS XD


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