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Friday, April 10, 2015

Top 5 AJ Glitches

Because more than 2 people asked for more of these posts, here

~Only one of these glitches still work

~These are all glitches I experienced, so no 2013 ones will be here since I didn't play much in 2013

~If you don't like opinions, you shouldn't be reading a top 5 list lol

Number 5
Jamaa Township Roof Glitch

This one's not as cool as the other ones on this list, I mainly just picked it for the memories I have of it
AJ got a fall makeover in November of 2011 and it brought a small little glitch with it - you could walk on the roof of Jam Mart Clothing

At the time it wasn't considered a glitch, but instead people thought it was a feature. I'm calling it a glitch now because it got "fixed"
You can find my original post >>Here<<
I have a short story about this glitch - I was at the town with my friend Wando20 (the forgotten legend) when I saw her walk onto the roof. I kept asking how she did it and she just told me it let her walk up. On my screen, the town was still decorated for Halloween. She told me to refresh the page and everything turned all autumny and it let me walk on the roof... the end
Yes I know this was a lame choice for number 5

Number 4
The Lava/Mud/Ice glitch

This is the only glitch on here that still works. I discovered this back in 2012. I don't remember if I was the first to discover it though
The glitch allows you to keep the effects of the lava at the Wolves Only Party/Greely den, Appondale/Gingerbread mud, or the icy frost stuff in the ice castle den

>>Here<< is my 2012 post on it
That post is out of date though. When I discovered it I thought it only worked with the lava or something, I don't know. I'll update the instructions here

Step 1
Go to a mud puddle/lava pit/ice thing of your choice

Step 2
Once you are satisfied with the way your animal looks, go to a different room (your den works fine)

Step 3
Quickly switch animals

Step 4
Go to a different room

Now your animal will stay covered in lava/mud/ice until you log out or go in water! If you want to keep your effect, do not go to Crystal Sands because it starts you out in water. You will not be able to see your animal all icy/muddy/lava-y, but other players will

Number 3
Walking On Walls

This is a glitch that I used to get randomly when I logged in. When I logged in, the room they put me in would have no fact or game icons. If I switched lands, I would get put at the top left corner of the room

I could then freely walk on the walls and in the sky! I rewrote the full story in another post. For that post, click >>Here<<

This glitch only happened to about 50 players in the entire game and got fixed before 2012. However people discovered a way to get on the walls using a method and a not broken computer, but remember, this happened to me before everyone else knew how to get on walls

Number 2
I talk about the 71 glitch item thing a lot on here because I just find it so interesting and cool (fun fact: some random arctic wolf seriously thought beta meant "things that are interesting and cool" and said I knew nothing about AJ when I told him what beta actually means lol)

There was some weird glitch that I got when I traded with my storage. It gave me an item called 71 which was an eye item
I talk about it enough so I'll just link to the info post if you want to know more about it

Number 1
The Insanity Glitch

This was my all time favourite glitch, at least from the ones I can remember. The Insanity Glitch was another one I discovered that caused, well, insanity
It let ocean animals appear on land and land animals appear in oceans

That's not all it did though. It could also turn your animal minty fresh! The way the glitch was triggered was by making the game load an ocean room and a land room at the same time. The easiest way to do that was by clicking on a door and quickly opening your map and clicking on another room

For more info and pictures of this glitch, go >>Here<<

The glitch had a lot of cool side effects too, like this one

It could make rooms only load objects and not backgrounds, putting you in a void world!

That glitch was fun to mess with but I can see why AJHQ wanted it gone lol

Honourable Mention

You can argue that TBA itself isn't a glitch. You'd be right, it's just an unfinished version of Bitter Sweets. That's why I didn't give it a number

If you don't know what TBA is, it was basically an unfinished version of Bitter Sweets like I just said. It was really fun to play, especially because of the placeholder text. Liza told you to "Go do STUFF" as your objective. Come on, that's funny

It was also fun to explore a map that wasn't finished. It was like beta testing the adventure! For more TBA info go to these links:
>>One<< >Two<< and >>Three<<


  1. My fave is number 2, cause it's weird AND scary! The raspberry eye gives me the creeps.

  2. once my computer crashed and number 3 happend to me exept i couldn,t move

  3. Cool post! I remember another glitch from the eagle shop. The morning the eagle shop was released, anyone could fly up in coral canyons to buy stuff. Except you didn't use the mouse, you needed to use the arrow keys. I was so excited, except I had to go to school. When I got back on, the glitch was already fixed :(

    1. That sounds pretty cool, too bad I wasn't there : (

    2. At around the pine tree on the top area of Coral Canyons, you would press the up arrow key and then you would be in the sky, free to walk wherever. There were so many people in the sky then :3

  4. What bird is that in the picture for glitch number 1?

    1. That's the Mira statue in the town

    2. No the one in crystal sands...

    3. Oh, it's some bird that used to be in Crystal Sands and in the Jam a Gram for Crystal Sands, I don't know what it's called

  5. Very interesting! Lots of cool information!


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