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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weird and Random AJ Images Part 28

I should really count up all the posts like this so I don't have to keep putting random numbers in the title
I don't know how to make intros to these posts lol

This was at the Lucky Party last month. I thought it was my friend who said this but apparently it wasn't because there;s no buddy badge on their nametag

That basically sums up the town these days amirite?

Again at the Lucky Party, there was this wolf girl saying this over and over

"who wants to arf" ~Gorgeous Prettywolf 2015

Everyone else who was in the circle at the party asked what that meant. The wolf ignored everyone and just kept asking the same thing. We will never know what wolfiegirl was trying to say. Maybe they wanted people to bark like a dog? This will remain one of AJ's greatest mysteries

Here's one that never made sense to me. A few years ago I was checking my Jam a Grams on some storage account and found this lovely surprise

I found the same Jam a Gram like a month ago too. I'm certain it wasn't like that when it originally got sent to me. Yes, I know it looks like a terrible edit, but it was seriously in my Jam a Gram box

The picture is from the giant clam facts from the journey book

What I think happened here was AJHQ deleted one of the old Jam a Gram options, but if you still had the Jam a Gram that got deleted, it glitches out and uses the clam picture for some odd reason. I worded that horribly so I'll give you an example

Let's say someone sends you this Jam a Gram

I'm not saying this is the one that got deleted, I'm just using it as an example
XxBunnySlayer360xX sends you a New Years 2011 Jam a Gram with the message "Let's be buddies!"
So AJHQ decided the New Years 2011 Jam a Gram is bad and they want to remove it from the game. Poof, it's gone
You check your Jam a Grams and the one from XxBunnyWhateverisaidbeforexX is still in your inbox with the same message, but it's now a picture of clams because all the New Years 2011 Jam a Grams got deleted

That's my guess anyway

I'll leave you with this lovely old picture of Jamaa Township during the Jamaalidays

I love it - it takes me back to the old days. The old medical centre is in the picture. Club Geoz is also in its original place ♥︎
Too bad the image is too small, ruining any potential it has as a background or wallpaper : (


  1. aww i miss the old jamaalidays...... well who is gonna arf??? xD

    1. When I figure some things out

    2. Throw up? I don't think Mel will be barfing any parties, sorry!

    3. lol true naffy

  2. Who wants arf? Do you want to arf? I know I want to arf! Arf arf arf

  3. How'd you get a Zoom-Out of Jamaa Township?

    1. I don't know, I just found the picture on my SD card

    2. What do you think tomorrow's update will be here? Here's my guess
      Insert corny AJHQ version saying geckos are coming
      Overpriced oversized den.
      Party related something

    3. Corny gecko ad
      Everything else will be repeated news or ads for games that were there for over a year

  4. I miss the old days in AJ, Non-member gifting, Skullies, Barely any scammers, AJHQ acctually did something.... AND NO OVERPIRICED SHOP!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAAYAYYAYQAYAYAY

    PS: I was a beta tester!

    1. Umm barely any scammers? You know the only way of trading was gifting....

  5. i mis injecting shots into my friends at the mediccal center :(((((((

    1. Don't forget the Kimara Medical Center has even less fitting music though.

    2. sadly whenever i go to da medical centre no one os there, i miss it when ppl have accidents or something

    3. "i miss it when ppl have accidents"
      that sounds harsh

    4. What was the music in the old one? I always wanted to know what it was but nobody seemed to record with the music. Only one I seen with the volume but they were typing to loud! I do think the new Medical Center has funny music. But I don't want them to remove it, it's alright.

    5. I wish I had the music file for it but I still can't find it
      It sounded like people using hammers or people playing pool

  6. Arf! (It took forever to type the 'f' there XD)


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