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Sunday, May 31, 2015


Did you want to know something not very interesting about AJ flags? No? Well I'll show you anyway!

I was trying to collect all the old item icon pictures I took for a page I've been working on. I found an old post I made with the old icon for the Dominican Republic flag.  In that post I pointed out the Coat of Arms that's usually in the middle of the flag was missing from its icon even though it was there in the shop

I bought one yesterday wondering if this went gone unchanged for 3 years but it looks like they fixed it

They probably fixed it the day after I made that post but as far as I know no one bothered to check because very few people actively shop at the Flag Shop, Or because no one cared. Or both

I also find it slightly interesting how flag icons used to have no shading at all even though they did in the Flag Shop. Now they have the same shading and they do in the store

While on the topic of flags... actually nevermind this next thing has nothing to do with flags whatsoever

My friend Balaur showed me something about Phantom Fighter that took me almost 5 years to notice (probably because I haven't played Phantom Fighter in almost 5 years)
The "death" animation looks suspiciously like that of another game

It's a game I couldn't find a good comparison gif of, Mega Man! It might just be a coincidence but then again we know AJHQ does play a lot of games. If they didn't a lot less of their games would be knockoffs lol they don't even try to hide the fact that their games are knockoffs - just look at Swoopy Eagle

Anyway I was looking on an old version of animaljam.com and found a sprite sheet for the original 6 Alphas, or as I still call them (because I'm stuck in 2011), Shamans
So if you needed those... there you go?

Saturday, May 30, 2015


You probably heard by now but for some reason the Spooky Party has been appearing regularly in the Parties menu. There's a slight problem though - It's not anywhere near Halloween

Things like this happened in the past but it's pretty rare. The summer carnival came back in February for a few hours but it got fixed semi quickly. Sometimes the Jamaaliday Jam appears in the parties list but it usually is only there once. The Spooky Party however has been in the parties menu for almost a full day. It might've been longer if it started appearing the day of the update. Like I said, it's been appearing regularly...

It's completely unchanged though. Unlike when the carnival came back in February, the shops actually have items in them

The thing I find weird is that they all have the "new" icon on them. I don't think they'd put the new icon on them if it was just a glitch... but why would AJHQ purposely bring this party back now?

You can still get bat pets here which is a good thing

I bought like 12 because I love everything stereotypical Halloween

And now for something non-Halloween related

I recently made a small discovery that I don't think anyone else found yet. It's nothing amazing though

In some early beta screenshots, there were strange unused icons - a pickaxe/shovel icon and an opened book icon

This is what the book looked like

Yes, it was probably just the early version of the Journey Book, but there's no way to know for sure what it was meant for. The icon was always shaded out (and so was the pickaxe) but I found a coloured version

It looks almost exactly like the icon from early beta. The coloured version reveals one of the pages actually has a Nat Geo logo. If you're wondering, the coloured version is a stamp you can use in Jam a Grams

For a beta picture with the book icon, go here

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Creepy Voices

So the Summer Carnival is back once again which brings me to the topic that I tried to avoid for 3 years - those creepy voices in the background of the music

Before I get to that I just want to point out something I noticed about one of the shops at the carnival
If you look closely, there are 2 lightning necklaces and 2 star necklaces on display. I first thought it was just extra detail, but it turns out they literally just copy and pasted a picture of the shop onto the shop and made it clickabale

You probably have no idea what I just said. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Take a look at the stegosaurus tail and the hat with dreadlocks. Notice anything? There are two of them as well and they're overlapping. I also find it a bit weird how almost none of the items are display are even for sale yet. They'll all probably come out soon as daily items though

Now let's talk about those voices
Here's the music for the Summer Carnival

I listened to it on a really loud volume trying to figure out what those voices in the background are saying. This is what I came up with. Some of them may be accurate but some of them are way off like the one at 1:03 about burning legs

6 seconds in - "you better watch your way"
21 seconds in - "big"
23 seconds in - "hey guys"
28 seconds in - "running around the world"
31 seconds in - "hey bella bella heyy little"
45 seconds in - "hey come on back come over here"
53 seconds in -" a prize come on get a prize now"
57 seconds in - "win big"
1:03 seconds in - "you're free filing you're gonna burn your legs off"
1:09 seconds in - "ointment now get your orchids"
1:14 seconds in - "bottom dollar"
1:17 seconds in - "try for a ride"
1:18 seconds in - "I'll pay it to the ring I'll promise you that"
1:24 seconds in - "come on sir"

The one at 31 seconds is probably saying "batta" instead of "bella" but it sounded more like "bella" to me. A lot of the voices just sound like gibberish to me (gibberish is my native language by the way) but some of them I hear as sort of clear English like the one at 1:18

What do you think the voices are saying? I'm honestly curious as to what people think lol

Thursday, May 28, 2015

AJ Update May 28 2015

Finally, another update that isn't as terrible as the pony update!
AJ was in maintenance mode (for a while) during the update process which probably means they still haven't fixed all the bugs with being able to be online while updating

You might notice as soon as you log in that there are new loading screens!

I like them, but none of them have that cute baby tiger cat thing that was in one of the last loading screens : (

Enough being sad about something that literally doesn't matter at all, here's the Jamaa Journal

Page 1

As expected, the Summer Carnival is back! And it isn't the exact same as it's been for the past few years! They even updated the banner for it in the Parties menu

I think they changed the banners slightly too but I'm probably wrong

I'll get to the carnival later in the post. For now let's continue with the newspaper

Page 2

They claim the carnival will have "NEW PRIZES" but that has yet to be seen. I hate to break it to you but all the prizes this year are exactly the same as last year... at least as of right now
Also more Best Guess questions! They didn't specify how many so for all we know they could've just added 2 new questions

Page 3

They added yet another movie theatre to Jamaa, this time in Appondale. It's exclusively for animated videos. The entrance to it is in the museum on the left

If you mouse over the curtains it makes a door creek sound. They probably meant to add a more fitting sound effect lol

The room itself looks basically the same as all the other theatres in Jamaa but with fancy window things

Page 4

RIP in peace, otters : (
Finally, AJ is starting to give hints on the next animal. Most of us already know what animal it will be though

The sekrit image can be seen in Canyons Pathway where the moose used to be
(Thanks Clovergoddess)
If you don't know already, the next animals will be llamas!

I hope when they come they look like less of a mix between a horse and a deer

And the obligatory ad on the last page, Page 5

That's all for the Jamaa Journal - here is the improved version of the Summer Carnival!

All the way to the left is a nice little campfire place

Above the campfire area is the entrance to the new mini bounce house

It uses pretty much the same graphics as the Bounce House Party but I'll let it slide because it fits in with the carnival

Go up the stairs and you'll find this slightly cool looking room that kind of looks like the last few Rare Monday items

The slide takes you right by the clothing and den item shops

As I mentioned earlier, the prizes are exactly the same as last year. Here they are anyway

In the clothing shop...

In the Furniture shop...

In the plushie shop...

In the ticket shop...

The last "new" item is in Jam Mart Furniture, the Green Lawn Chair

(As always I put gifs up for all the new items on the Item Archive page)

I rate this update a... 8 / 10
I think that's the highest score I've even given an update. I think this was one of the best update we've had in a long time, even though it's not that good
This is probably the best update we'll get for a few more months or years

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Halloween Pictures from AJHQ

AJHQ used to have 2 blogs. One of them wasn't really a blog and it wasn't as known as the other one (at least that's how it is now)
Those blogs have since been deleted though. It's a shame. On one of them AJHQ really tried to interact with the players. The posts were never "A GAME that never LEFT is BACK!!!!!!!!!! PLAY it for DOUBLE the GEMS!!!!!!!! How MANY will you GET???????? Don't forget TO buy today's RARE Straw HAT!!!!! It's a REALLY ugly combo OF orange green and PURPLE!!!!!!! Show it OFF to your buddies IN ADVENTURES!!!!!!!!! :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:"
They were actually typed like a human would type, not like a broken robot trying to figure out how to use caps
These pictures are all from those blogs and were taken in October 2010. I hope they bring back memories!

There were bats flying around in random locations around Jamaa

You could click the paw icon for a bat fact. I just realised they don't even have those little paw or plant icons anymore. Everything's in the Journey Book now...

They call AJ's Halloween celebration "Day of the Phantoms" in the pictures above and below. Now it's called "Night of the Phantoms"

The Jammer Spotlight used to pop up sometimes when you logged in. They used to pick a seemingly random person to feature for Jammer Spotlight. I don't know how they used to choose the next Jammer Spotlight person but Fuzzy Shyivy was features once, so it can't be that random

By the Mira statue in Jamaa Township

That creepy spider phantom arch thing brings back memories : (
I don't remember seeing it there last year. And why does it have 2 really huge long legs and 2 tiny stubby legs? Also there's a random gecko

Here's the fountain

You can see the old med centre on the left of the above picture. One day I'll find the music file for that room so everyone can hear how weird it sounded...

That Jam Mart Clothing picture with the early versions of Vampire and Frankenstein Masks

Vampire Masks don't have a rare version yet as far as I know, so I hope its rare version will be the original grey version. It probably won't be though. They'll just make it that ugly combo of purple, green, and orange like the last bunch of Rare Monday items lol

An AJ Guide in the Phantom Vortex demanding the three people there to look scary

I remember seeing that picture around when I first joined wondering how to get to The Phantom Vortex. I thought there'd be a shop there that sells Phantom Hats. I was disappointed to find out it was a Halloween-exclusive room and that there was no shop there at all

A random picture of the town

I just noticed the wolf at the top right corner is wearing the early version of the Frankenstein Mask. I previously thought it was AJHQ exclusive like the dark red Jamaaliday Bow but I guess it wasn't. Too bad the original Frankenstein and Vampire masks got edited... they'd probably be worth a lot now

I think the AJ Guides were hosting a Trick - or - Treat event... or a conga line

For some reason those popcorn balls bring back memories. Well, all of these pictures bring back memories even though I didn't play in 2010

And the last one for now, a picture of an AJ Guide roleplaying... or something

The nonmember bunny is "bulding" a fence around one of those giant inflatable phantoms. The memories : (

Also, if anyone has an unwanted Time Machine, can you send me it or let me trade for it? I need it to go back to 2010 for... something

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Response to an old post about possible future stuff

Like I did with the only Unreleased and Deleted Items page, I'm splitting the Unreleased and Unused Features page (or whatever I called it) into multiple sections! The first page is out now and you can get to it by clicking the link on the sidebar or by clicking >here<

This post is basically a response to >>this post<< post I made almost 4 years ago. It was about stuff that might come to AJ

It will probably be a shorter post because of all the work I've been doing on pages lol excuses


We didn't get pumas but we did get other cats like lions cheetahs, and snow leopards. I wonder what AJ pumas would even look like. I think AJ's snow leopards look too similar to AJ's tigers so I feel like pumas would look too much like cheetahs

Polar Bear

Polar bears were on a poll for a new animal along with arctic foxes and harp seals. The seals originally won but I still had hope for polar bears and arctic foxes. We still never got arctic foxes (but we did get arctic wolves and "normal" foxes). What we did get were polar bears... eventually!

I don't know why but I thought polar bears would look a lot like pandas

I always thought we'd have the option to play as a moose. We're almost half way through 2015 and there still aren't any moose in AJ. At least we have deer now. Since antlers were already items, I always wondered how AJHQ would handle the antlers on moose. I thought it would be weird having a moose with 2 sets of antlers but it can't be any weirder than eagles with 2 sets of wings


A month after I made the original post, crocs came out! Too bad they're in the pile of forgotten AJ animals : (


This picture was on the wall of Brady Barr's lab so I thought it meant something. Turns out, it didn't
I still think hippos would make a good choice for an AJ animal though


It took almost a year but we did eventually get giraffes. I remember then being rather common, but now they're more forgotten than crocs
We might as well just say giraffes aren't in AJ yet lol


Back then I really wanted to be able to play as some kind of bird. We did get penguins later on but they can't fly and were only added in because of Club Penguin. I always thought the first (flying) birds would be herons like Mira, but nope, they were eagles with enormous beaks. I'm still waiting on herons...

Mining Helmet

That helmet was also found in Brady Barr's lab. I thought they'd be a cool clothing item to have. We did eventually get these helmets but I can't see myself ever wanting to wear one. I once got a comment that said something like "it just looks like a cup of coffee taped to a bowl"
I find that to be pretty accurate

Feather Helmet

These helmets haven't come out by now and probably never will. They're just too fancy for AJ. If they ever do come out, I'm guessing they'll be diamond shop items

Pet Wash

In the original post I thought this could only be either a pet supplies shop or a pet wash. 3 days later an update happened that brought a new feature - the pet wash! Does anyone even use the pet wash anymore? Probably not