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Monday, May 25, 2015

Adventure Items Outsides Of Adeventures Glitch

Special thanks to my friend SeptemberCattleDog for telling me about this glitch!

Using this glitch you can get adventure-only items like corks and keys outside of adventures, as well as some other odd effects!
Before you start, make sure you have an animal with enough levels to play the adventure you want to play

Just a warning before doing this glitch - sometimes no one will be able to see what you typed in the chat after you do this glitch! Only those who were in the adventure with you will be able to see what you said. This doesn't happen all the time, but keep it in mind anyway. If it happens, just refresh/log off

Step 1
Go to a server that's in a different language than yours. I used kalosfrench's den which puts you in a French server

Step 2
Choose an adventure that has the item you want in it. Meet Cosmo has the most variety in item choice
For this tutorial, I used The Hive

Step 3
Find the item you want to take out of the adventure. I'm using a torch, but it can be anything you can pick up

Step 4
Click on the little flag next to the chat bar. This message should pop up

Step 5
Click OK
You will get moved to a different server and kicked from the adventure, but you should keep your item!

This glitch has a bunch of weird side-effects too

The music from the adventure will still play after you leave. It overlaps the room's music

Sometimes you can hear a splash sound when you or other players are walking in water (which is something you'd normally only hear in adventures)
I went back into The Hive and started over but parts of the map were still loaded
If you bring your item back into an adventure, it won't be functional
I'm holding a torch in the picture but it doesn't let me use it

Sometimes layers will be messed up meaning you can walk under things you normally can't, like piles of boomseeds

As I mentioned in a previous post, if someone in the adventure with you logs out, you'll get notified sometimes

Another cool thing you can do with this glitch is turn into a phantom outside of adventures!

You have to be a member to do this though. All you have to do The Search For Greely in another language, and when you turn into a phantom, do the glitch. Just keep in mind only you and anyone that was in the adventure with you can see you as a phantom. For anyone else, you will just look like a normal animal

Here's a picture with me and some friends with some Meet Cosmo items

Have fun with this before AJ fixes this... not that AJ's any good at fixing glitches fast


  1. Nice
    I'm gonna get an orange and be like "FOOD FIGHT!!!!"

    1. The response I'll get will be "... Trde meh spikes"

    2. That's the only response you'll ever get in the town

  2. I wanna be a squishy little phantom! >:-3

    1. They should let us transform into a phantom for Halloween

    2. Phantoms should be the next animal!

  3. Same thing Mew Mew Pikachu.

  4. how do u get an intire server French?

    1. You mean like going to the town in a French server? If you have a buddy with a different default language, you can follow them to a different language server

  5. Works for me! thanks for the glitch!


  7. I just tried it, surprisingly, AJHQ didn't fix this yet

  8. it didn't work....


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