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Thursday, May 21, 2015

AJ History - River Race

River Race was a game first introduced in beta. It had (and still has) one of the lowest gems-per-minute rates, if not the lowest. The game was originally only playable at the boat at the bottom of Jamaa Township

You may be wondering what the game was actually like. Basically you just used the arrow keys to move your boat around. You can move over the green arrow things for a speed boost, but if you touch rock piles or whirlpools, you'll slow down. The object of the game is to get to the finish line first, which is why they called it River Race 
Up to 4 people can play it. It's a decently fun game to play with buddies but is pretty boring in singleplayer as you can't lose
Like I said before, the gem earning rate is terrible. The 1st place winner only gets 30 gems. It might not sound that bad, but each round lasts about a minute. 30 gems a minute is really bad compared to basically every other game in AJ
It stayed playable only in Jamaa Township until December 1st 2011 when a den version was released in the Chamber Of Knowledge

Not long after, the River Race machine and all other den game machines (with the exception of The Claw) went on clearance and were taken out of the store. Then the Sol Arcade came out on February 2 2012, making River Race and the other game machines available again. This time, River Race was 100 gems cheaper (and yet I could only afford it when it was more expensive somehow)

It was also playable at the arcade. It was right next to one of the two Pill Bug machines
This was the screenshot I took when the Sol Arcade first came out

That River Race machine stayed there for a good year or so, all happy and stuff. Then, in 2013/2014/whenever that dolphin game came out, that poor defenseless game machine got destroyed

Here's a picture of that same place in the arcade that I took 20 seconds ago

The second Pill Bugs machine got replaced with Fallings Phantoms, but that's okay because the other Pill Bugs machine is still there. However, Dolphin Dash (yes I know it's really called Splash And Dash) completely replaced the River Race machine in the arcade. You can't even buy River Race machines anymore. Also, the game icon above the boat in Jamaa Township is no longer there : (

It's not all bad news for River Race though. Even though AJ removed all traces of the game ever existing in the town and the arcade, the den machines still exist and it's possible to own one. Sometimes they are glitchy and it doesn't let you play it without switching dens/refreshing though. When I tried to use the one my friend let me borrow, if I moused over it, it said this

Clicking on the machine didn't do anything either. But don't worry, it's still playable... sometimes

 This game happens to have one of my favorite music tracks from AJ

I stole some of these pictures from one of the old blogs I made - Animal Jam Flash: Game Guides
At the time I felt like it was necessary to make a guide for AJ minigames, even though they are all pretty simple and don't really need any explanations other than the ones they already give you. If you want to see my old guide for River Race or some other games what ever reason, go ahead

That was the layout I used to use for the main blog - the rainbow background, the pink bubble letters, and that weird font that makes ! look like a lowercase L. I used to put ! at the end of everything I wrote and ended with the word "too" a lot. That being said, ever time I ended with the word "too" it looked like "tool"
Have fun laughing at that old blog


  1. The music actually IS nice, I like it

  2. My fave music was the super fitting Original Medical Center music. Lolno. In all seriousness it's the Ocean Bass Camp.

    1. Mine is pretty obvious because, well, I'm Balaur and everybody knows my interests by now

      (I also forgot to mention this is not AJ music)

    2. my favorites ocean bass camp

  3. Also the glitched color lasos are in store :(

  4. the music reminds me of animal crossing-spiritcloud721

    1. yes true (Rip river race 2013

  5. I used to love river race (I was bad at it but I liked it). Its to bad I don't really know anyone with the game.

  6. that music brings back good memories

  7. Can't you still trade for river race though?

    1. Yes, in the post I said it's still possible to own one

  8. If you go to Snowyclaw's den she has river race! ;D Tho if someone is reading this like in 2016 or something she might have took it out of her den so no hate plz.

  9. I have river race, my use is phantomfriendly, looking for a green and black headress if anyone wants to trade

  10. my friend fluffyboy26 he owns one

  11. my friend FLUFFYBOY26 owns one of these

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