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Thursday, May 28, 2015

AJ Update May 28 2015

Finally, another update that isn't as terrible as the pony update!
AJ was in maintenance mode (for a while) during the update process which probably means they still haven't fixed all the bugs with being able to be online while updating

You might notice as soon as you log in that there are new loading screens!

I like them, but none of them have that cute baby tiger cat thing that was in one of the last loading screens : (

Enough being sad about something that literally doesn't matter at all, here's the Jamaa Journal

Page 1

As expected, the Summer Carnival is back! And it isn't the exact same as it's been for the past few years! They even updated the banner for it in the Parties menu

I think they changed the banners slightly too but I'm probably wrong

I'll get to the carnival later in the post. For now let's continue with the newspaper

Page 2

They claim the carnival will have "NEW PRIZES" but that has yet to be seen. I hate to break it to you but all the prizes this year are exactly the same as last year... at least as of right now
Also more Best Guess questions! They didn't specify how many so for all we know they could've just added 2 new questions

Page 3

They added yet another movie theatre to Jamaa, this time in Appondale. It's exclusively for animated videos. The entrance to it is in the museum on the left

If you mouse over the curtains it makes a door creek sound. They probably meant to add a more fitting sound effect lol

The room itself looks basically the same as all the other theatres in Jamaa but with fancy window things

Page 4

RIP in peace, otters : (
Finally, AJ is starting to give hints on the next animal. Most of us already know what animal it will be though

The sekrit image can be seen in Canyons Pathway where the moose used to be
(Thanks Clovergoddess)
If you don't know already, the next animals will be llamas!

I hope when they come they look like less of a mix between a horse and a deer

And the obligatory ad on the last page, Page 5

That's all for the Jamaa Journal - here is the improved version of the Summer Carnival!

All the way to the left is a nice little campfire place

Above the campfire area is the entrance to the new mini bounce house

It uses pretty much the same graphics as the Bounce House Party but I'll let it slide because it fits in with the carnival

Go up the stairs and you'll find this slightly cool looking room that kind of looks like the last few Rare Monday items

The slide takes you right by the clothing and den item shops

As I mentioned earlier, the prizes are exactly the same as last year. Here they are anyway

In the clothing shop...

In the Furniture shop...

In the plushie shop...

In the ticket shop...

The last "new" item is in Jam Mart Furniture, the Green Lawn Chair

(As always I put gifs up for all the new items on the Item Archive page)

I rate this update a... 8 / 10
I think that's the highest score I've even given an update. I think this was one of the best update we've had in a long time, even though it's not that good
This is probably the best update we'll get for a few more months or years


  1. Okay ajhq like better edit the front legs of the llama cause the front legs look weird.... Also maybe play wild will come next update or llamas? Play wilds due to come out this june

    1. Ah, Play Wild, the game I'll never be be to play

      And I agree the llama legs do look weird. Hopefully 1231's llama was just an early version

    2. Why can't I play Play Wild? Because I don't have an Android or iPad

  2. omg mel im confused
    i know you clearly already know this glitch but srsly
    in my opinion this was funny enough to show you for no reason

    1. did anything happen when you tried to open your inventory?

    2. no
      it pretty much happened when i tried to jamagram my friend where the llama was lol

  3. I don't think that the banners are new but their stand is new. It used to be propped up against a stand and now it looks more like a flag

  4. nice............. btw i liked the changes in summer carnival

    but what about the items? will there be any new items in there? like the hoodie?

    u did not post about it i guess

    sorry if u already did ;)

    1. I said in the post there are no new items but the Jamaa Journal claims there will be new ones later

  5. WOW!



  6. I wonder if the llamas "Play" animation will be spitting on people.

  7. AJ still won't let me on. "Suspended for 1 day" my behind :(

  8. Anyone notice that Raccoon Tails ARE NOT THERE!?

    1. Stego items and star necklaces aren't there either

    2. :( hopefully they will come soon

  9. Mel, I only just got what you said about the Bouncy Castle! "I'll let it slide" XD
    Or was that an accidental pun o,o

    1. I didn't mean to make that pun lol

      if you can come on AJ right now there's a Spooky Party going on


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