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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Minor bunny glitches

There might not be a post tomorrow either, I don't know. But hey, at least I got the daily item updated in time

I was at the Bouncy Party the other day so I could get pictures for the last post when my good friend Kitty Katsu showed up as a Spring Bunny
When he sat down to talk, I noticed his flower pattern was acting weird

It didn't show up like that for him, but when I changed to my Spring Bunny, he said my flower pattern was doing the same thing!
I probably don't know what I'm talking about, but I think the reason this happens has something to do with the automatic jumping the party makes you do. Since walking around as a Spring Bunny leaves a flower trail, and you are forced to jump all the time at the party, the game can't decide if you are walking or jumping so it always gives you a flower trail... or something? It's fun pretending like I know what I'm talking about when I really don't : )

I made another gif us us jumping

On his screen his flowers were normal and mine were the glitchy ones Also a certain sombrero tiger is in the gif an I'm sure he will point that out in the comments lol

The other glitch I found involves one of the newer items, Feather Earrings. I assume it works with Spring Bunnies too, but I used a regular bun bun
Wear the earrings on your bunny and the earring from the other side of your head will go through your head!

If you can't see it, look under my eye

I better not hear anyone say "lol nub itz just face paint"
If it was face paint it wouldn't be moving like it is and it would show up on every angle of bunnies (and probably every animal), not just southwest and southeast


  1. I also found that glitch too. It's annoying! >.<

  2. C@nt@l0up4 d1d u n0t1c3 @ c3rt@1n s0mbr3r0 t1gr 1s 1n th@t G1F?

    P.S- lol nub it's just face paint

    1. did you forget to sign out and use jackyboy

  3. What is kitty katsu's username?

    1. I think I might have unbuddied her before. I didn't know that it was Kitty Katsu's account.


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