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Sunday, May 31, 2015


Did you want to know something not very interesting about AJ flags? No? Well I'll show you anyway!

I was trying to collect all the old item icon pictures I took for a page I've been working on. I found an old post I made with the old icon for the Dominican Republic flag.  In that post I pointed out the Coat of Arms that's usually in the middle of the flag was missing from its icon even though it was there in the shop

I bought one yesterday wondering if this went gone unchanged for 3 years but it looks like they fixed it

They probably fixed it the day after I made that post but as far as I know no one bothered to check because very few people actively shop at the Flag Shop, Or because no one cared. Or both

I also find it slightly interesting how flag icons used to have no shading at all even though they did in the Flag Shop. Now they have the same shading and they do in the store

While on the topic of flags... actually nevermind this next thing has nothing to do with flags whatsoever

My friend Balaur showed me something about Phantom Fighter that took me almost 5 years to notice (probably because I haven't played Phantom Fighter in almost 5 years)
The "death" animation looks suspiciously like that of another game

It's a game I couldn't find a good comparison gif of, Mega Man! It might just be a coincidence but then again we know AJHQ does play a lot of games. If they didn't a lot less of their games would be knockoffs lol they don't even try to hide the fact that their games are knockoffs - just look at Swoopy Eagle

Anyway I was looking on an old version of animaljam.com and found a sprite sheet for the original 6 Alphas, or as I still call them (because I'm stuck in 2011), Shamans
So if you needed those... there you go?


  1. I have one idea, it's ok if you don't want to do it.You can make every week epic dens and take pictures of it and things like that XD

  2. The way you say Mega Man is very cute

    But then again... Actually, everybody knows what I'm gonna say.

  3. So, as part of my other comment, it asked me to type in a 4-letter text to prove that I wasn't a robot (oh, the irony). And the text was 1987.


    (If you don't know who WZ9 is, it was a shape-shifting white crocodile that me and my friend DewDropReptile made up last year.

    Hey, Repti, if you're reading this, where have you been? I would like to see you again. I've had many adventures of my own, but they're not the same without you.

    It's kinda ironic how it doesn't let robots comment on a page about robots and they must type in the text 1987. And that is the birth year of a specific robot.

  4. I've read this post like 35 times and I'm very happy with you

    1. Now it's your turn
      I'll even let you choose between CN and PP

    2. PP

      What do you want me to do?

    3. I don't think I can do that, since I'm not that good at sculpting. Perhaps I could post about her or something.

  5. Or you could do (other kids game) v animal jam.
    I did a transformice v animal jam on my TFM blog.
    It's okay if you don't want to.

    1. Like listing differences and similarities? I could do that with Club Penguin

  6. They still need to add the coat of arms for Ecuador because right now it looks exactly like Colombia's but with a different shade of blue :P

  7. Hmmmmmmmmmm I wish I played aj in beta idk when this was but before 2013 my sister and u clicked animal jam and said it was creepy few years later now 2013 someone at school says I should play aj so I make an account and I was like this looks familiar... You can prob predict the rest....

    1. My friend that made me join AJ begged me for a while to join but I kept putting it off
      They did the same thing with Minecraft
      I should really listen to her more lol

  8. Hey, what do I do if I keep on getting these log in world errors? I haven't been able to log on to animal jam for 2 days straight and it's very annoying. I keep refreshing my page but nothing does the trick. ;n;

    1. The best advice I can give you is the robotic AJHQ response that you would probably get - trying emptying your cache, make sure flash player is updated, or try using a different browser


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