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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More old newspaper stuff

I can't think of a good idea for a "finale series" for this blog so there might not even be one

I was looking through old newspapers again looking for stuff to post because there is nothing else to post about lol
Plus it's getting harder to make posts every day because of schedule change : (
Anyway I'm done complaining about nothing for the day, here's a post

In the Jamaa Journal that came out when the trade system did, the last page had this

That was when they started bring back the real "betas" like police hats. The reason I'm putting it in this post is (because I have nothing else to put here)  because the person in the picture is shopping at Jam Mart Clothing but Jukeboxes and and those book piles are available... in a clothing store
I'm still wondering what the 2nd and 3rd items are. The second one looks like Spartan Armor but I don't know about the 3rd. Let's just say it was Skullys to make everyone go crazy : )

This one is from the Jamaa Journal that came right after beta ended
(Credit: Fuzzy Shyivy)

Pure red Butterfly Wings! So it looks like not all item colors that got completely removed were from beta

And the last thing that I'm stealing from the Jamaa Journal to make this post is the early version of Crystal Reef

It only has minor differences that I found which were all just the sponges and stuff in slightly different places than they are now. Apart from the entrance to Deep Blue, that is
The entrance used to be all black and shadowy but now it's glowing yellow

I have some questions that will never be answered - why does the sign for Deep Blue show a jellyfish? There are no jellies in Deep Blue... at all! Unless I'm wrong, I didn't really look lol
Also why is the entrance glowing with yellow shine stuff? There 99% of the yellow in Deep Blue is that creepy Frogfish

That frogfish isn't in the entrance and certainly isn't glowing

The question that I'm really interested in is the jellyfish thing. My friend Sept showed me Kani Cove has the same jellyfish sign that points to Deep Blue

Maybe Deep Blue was originally planned to be jelly filled like onigiri? Too bad we will never know 
: (


  1. Aj does a lot of stuff but never finishes them. Like the summer carnival there is still like 3 games that haven't been revealed yet and last year we got one when it was like 3 years now just wait. How many things are wrong with ajHQ? Everything is wrong with AJHQ

  2. Or maybe the sign indicates that u can buy pet jelly fish or that both waters are similar cause of the jelly fish but deep blu is super huge I like it a lot maybe you should host a party there since none of the oceans get visited anymore:(

    1. I don't remember seeing pet jellyfish for sale there (but maybe they do sell them there I don't know) but I think the sign was in Crystal Reef before ocean pets were even in the game

  3. mel, im not being rude, i love all your storys but for awhile they are starting to become a little boring. are you feeling okay? i promise im not being rude im only saying this it inform you. :D i can stalk ppl for you lol

    1. Warning: Long comment incoming

      They are getting boring because as I seem to say a lot, there really isn't anything left for me to post about. It's hard coming up with topics every day. I don't know if you enjoyed my Item History posts but I can't do those anymore because there aren't anymore items that have something interesting in their past. I COULD do more posts like that but all of them would just be "(item) first came out on this day, then left shops, then came back, then left, and now it's in jam mart clothing" which isn't very fun to write and probably won't be very enjoyable to read either
      Another problem is the past week or so was kinda sad for me (filled with death, betrayal, and other stuff) so that might be affecting my writing
      Also I'm starting to lose interest in this game again. Maybe not the game itself, but posting something every day. When I came back to blogging I didn't expect to have more than 3 viewers or make posts that often. Honestly I just wanted to continue to "log" all of AJ's daily items and updates, and that's pretty much all I wanted to do. I could just do that offline but I wanted to give people another option than having to just go on one blog to get AJ news or whatever
      lol I know you didn't ask for a long speech but I wanted to tell you most of my reasons
      (also thanks for not being rude, usually people just comment "OMG I H8 U UR S0 BORING" and I can't take those comments seriously)

    2. Death and betrayal?! Wow, I need to see you on AJ. Bloody time zones...

    3. do rants maybe, rants about the REAL betas (like nexklaces) or how bad ajhq is or do ur own ummmmmm. post on breadstick?

    4. but there aren't many items that are still rare

  4. The Jellyfish sign is probably just something to say that it is underwater. Its like "Oooooh I'm a jellyfish sign, u know wat dat mean????? It mean I'm underwater MIND BLOWN"

    1. The signs in other oceans pointing to other rooms have pictures on them that represent the other ocean though. For example, at the top of Deep Blue the sign pointing to Bahari Bay has a picture of a seahorse statue on it. The sea horse statue is one of the most noticeable things in Bahari Bay


  5. P.S, You make ricecakes out of lemons, dunt u know ANYTHUNG Cantaloupe?

    1. For sekrit comment, highlight ;)

    2. I was going to make the link say donuts but I didn't for some reason

    3. Apperantly using these < make the comment invisible? Let me translate...
      Insert sterotypicall PLZ DUNT QUUT AJ 1 WILLY QUUT TU, BUT CAN I PLZ HAZ ALL UR RURZ comment here.

    4. Oh I didn't know there was an actual hidden message there

  6. i'm not sure if this is an unrealesed item, but, see, its a thing that coils around your tail with feathers at the end. If its realesed, were do you buy it?

  7. ok, i understand why your not very happy now, but i think you should do a post about what has happened. study shows that when you tell others about your problems it helps release stress and makes your life a little more calming. but i can understand why you wouldn't want to lol. so instead why dont you talk to a trusted friend, pet, or even cry about it in your room. (im not being rude im only trying to help o0o!)
    another idea for some post would be parties, you should host partys at your den. maybe giveaways? you could also stalk ppl :3
    maybe you can in role your self in with google+ gropes. such as rolepalying, anime, drawwing, and animal jam. if you think this game is getting dumb or boring, you can start making it more fun by talking, trading, and again hosting parties.
    another idea for post can be mail times. you can make a ad for mail time and post pics of good stuff or jags that made you smile.
    you could also open a new acct and fill it with plushies and see if anyone can make a gr8 den too :D!

    im sorry for your lost and if i could i would give you a HUGE hug and make you feel better.

    1. I don't want to write about what happened on here because this is an AJ blog but thanks for the suggestion
      I want to do a party but I can't find a good time do it because I don't have a whole lot of time to play anymore. When I do go on I'm usually there for 10 minutes tops (plus I'm very forgetful so I might miss my own party)
      A giveaway is a good idea but I don't have anything to give away that people would actually want
      I used to trade a lot but the forgotten desert kinda killed my trading mood. I don't like to trade for things that are available (and basically everything is available now) and the few items that aren't available no one wants to part with so I hardly ever trade anymore
      I don't like doing mail time stuff because it makes me feel greedy. I typically send gifts that i get right back to the sender anyway
      I like filling my other accounts' dens with one item but some of my fancy dens that I put a lot of work and gems into got deleted for no reason, which makes me want to avoid making cool dens on other accounts in case it happens again

      Thank you for trying to help, dear Anonymous! Maybe the update in a few days will put me back in the AJ mood

    2. can u look for funny/wierd stuff around jamaa again? i liked it when you did that.

  8. Hey Mel this post was not so bad as you might think it is I found it quit interesting, btw I got plan for you how about you update this blog every other day ( unless you found something you want to post and maybe on updates just try to great your own schedule it is your life we will under stand lol also how about you tell us to react on the post at the end or to help you think of what to write next if I just some ideas XD sorry making a short story :]

  9. -this is salted to other comment I made- why not do contests just small ones they don't need a prize, or maybe make monkeys going on a trampoline idk...... Dojt doubt your self your blog is the best an blog there is no denying it... At least you try to post every day, on time and you don't have minnions to do it for you ....

  10. Huh, weird! Den items for CLOTHING! And wait, ARE you quitting Mel? Oh PLEASE don't quit!!! Your blog is the ONLY place I can see all the cool BETA stuff! Also, feel better soon, Mel! I don't like when ppl are sad! :( I'm sorry that the past week hasn't been very good! I agree with Anonymous, I wanna jump through da screen and help u feel betta! ,:) Again, I hope you don't quit, Mel, and I hope you feel better soon!!!

  11. I came here thinking you posted the update. LOLZ


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