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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Otter fish + 2010 pictures

When otters first came out, the fish they use for the :play: action was different. I only took one picture of the old fish so I don't know if they were dependent on your Color 1 or if they were just always pink

If they changed based on your Color 1 it was probably just a glitch. Now, no matter what colors your otter is, it will always have white fish

Maybe one day they will add a Color 3 option that changes things like the colors of shark teeth, wolf teeth, koala noses, or otter fish

Here are some more old pictures from a video by the great Fuzzy Shyivy. The video really hard to find on the internet, plus I had to download something to be able to watch it. Downloading things is annoying so I'll just show you pictures from it
The video was made in December 2010
A look at the old Crystal Sands:

I hope one day they add a party for the old Crystal Sands so newer players can see it. Just like they did for the beta den at the Beta Party. I doubt it will ever happen but we can still beg AJHQ : )
Hey, it worked for shark hats... even though it took them 4 years!

This is what the map used to look like before Mt. Shiveer existed. There used to be icons on the map where all the games were

Does anyone even go to lands to play games anymore? Or do people just go to their den and play on a machine/go to the Sol Arcade? I hate to admit it but I just go to the arcade

This is what buddy requests used to look like

Back then you couldn't sned buddy requests through Jam a Grams. You had to be in the same room as the person you wanted to add because there was no search bar for players either (as far as I remember)
As you can see buddy requests originally didn't even show the person's username. You could've been in a room full of Blossom Peachyrabbits and you wouldn't know which one sent you the buddy request unless you said yes

That's it for Fuzzy Shyivy pictures. I'd give a link to the video but I don't even have the link anymore

Following the post from yesterday, here's another effect from that adventure glitch
Sometimes if you were in an adventure from with someone else and do the glitch, when they log off it will notify you... even if neither of you are in the adventure anymore

I think that's a feature they should actually add. It might be slightly stalkerish though. Maybe you'd have to get the other person's permission before it notifies you if they log in/log out. If they delete you, it should stop notifying you. Eh, just an idea


  1. Well it would be helpful to have those adventure tracker things in the big dens for everyone in there.

    That idea is definitely not stalker-ish at all.

  2. Are you going to do tutorials on the glitches?

  3. It's Blingy D00dsMay 23, 2015 at 6:40 PM

    Yes, the fish used to be the same colour as whatever colour you had chosen for colour 1.

    Oh wow, i used "colour" 3 times in one sentence lol

  4. Replies
    1. Do you think a Reward Plaque, Beta Tiara, Black Long, Second Ring and White Tail is fair for one?

    2. You're asking the wrong person about trades
      but maybe

  5. Whenever I search up your blog (ajflash) I see your blog but a whole lotta stuff about flash trading underneath :(

    1. Yeah, flash trading ruined the name of my blog. It's kind of funny actually
      It's also the reason why you can't say my blog's name in AJ

  6. I just go to the arcade and play all the really low gem games, cause they're the most fun for some reason.

  7. Hey I go to the Sol Arcade too, don't be sorry 'bout it! ( Well, I just don't have any inventory space, but still.) Cool glitches too, and I hope your friend gives you permission to post the tutorial about the Adventure glitch!!


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