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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Possible early version of the Bouncy Party?

I thought I'd still be able to post but there might not be a new post tomorrow

Welcome to another post where I think about something insignificant way too deeply! This time the topic will be the party that we all forgot about, the Bouncy Party

I'll start by posting a new link to the music that plays at the party. AJ changed all the old URLs or something so my old link doesn't work anymore


It's one of AJ's weirder music tracks but the carnival music and old med centre music are still weirder to me. Those creepy voices int he background of the carnival music......... yeah

I was looking for the picture of the Bouncy Party that was in the newspaper for reasons you probbaly don't care about. After a whole 12 seconds of searching old newspapers, I found it

I noticed something odd when I saw that picture again though. It's a simpler version of what the party really looks like! In that picture there is only a main room and that circle part

However if you go to the party for yourself you might notice there are actually more than just 2 rooms as well as 2 slides

I'm thinking the picture in the Jamaa Journal was an early version of the party room. I'm only thinking that because it sounds cooler than "they just made a simple version so it would fit in the newspaper"
Even if they just made it smaller for the newspaper, it's still interesting... to me, anyway. That's coming from the person who bought 5 of every halloween item in every available colour in 2011. Yeah, crazy

There are two AJ music tracks I still want to find - the Beta Party music and the old Medical Center music. Today I found the beta party music! It wasn't even hard. I just didn't bother trying for at least 3 months
Here it is
 >>Beta Party Music<<

You're welcome


  1. I love how you find out this stuff. Who else does? The beta music sounds one of those supermarkets in Pokémon games XD

    1. lol people find much cooler stuff, all I find is music

  2. mel i need a favor. i found the hackers user name but.............. ALL of them are blurry and i cant find them again sooo can you help and try to find out the name??? go to the mighty squad video and try to find out by pausing and taking screen shots when the guy sends a bud request and buddys the hacker. compare the two and figger it out. i came so close. and then my laptop crashed and i dont remember sooo i have to start over and i would love some help.

  3. Maybe its a den version of the bouncy house party it is small like the other dens..

    (even though ajhqs new thing is big dens.....)

  4. no ma'ma its not. they were banned its the same guy yet this time they messed up and showwed there main acct user and stufff :3 i know like half of it though.

  5. Cool! I forgot all about the Beta Party Music! Have you made a music track for the TBA adventure?

    1. I didn't make this, I just found the file for it
      TBA had no music


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